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TechWyse Internet Marketing is Toronto’s leading Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing agency. We help businesses, just like yours, improve their rankings on Google and get found by customers.

Every business should be utilizing Search Engine Optimization. For potential customers to find you online, SEO is needed to help your website rank higher on Google. If you’re not doing SEO, we bet your competitors are.

We want your business to be successful. Our team of experts at TechWyse has years of experience helping businesses in Toronto and many other areas reach their business goals through SEO. Contact us today and find out how our SEO packages can help your business succeed!


An effective SEO strategy requires both On-Page and Off-Page SEO work and then followed by measurement.

On-Page SEO involves anything on your website which you control, such as: content, meta-data, mobile & user experience, how fast your page loads, keyword optimization, and more.

Off-Page SEO focuses on building trust signals between you and other websites. Not all websites are seen as equal, so focusing on getting backlinks from high authority websites is key to building trust with Google.

SEO in general is not a one time thing. It’s also not a “one-size-fits-all” strategy as what works for some industries won’t work for yours. Measuring what happens to your site after SEO work is put in is extremely important to ensure your next moves are the most optimal ones.

Good SEO starts with an effective strategy. This means having a fully optimized website with appropriate content for your audience (On-Page), then actively increasing the online visibility of your business through content marketing, PR, and more backlinking strategies (Off-Page), and to start the cycle again measurement is used to find the right next steps.

How SEO Works








How TechWyse SEO Services Work


The technical side of SEO can be the deciding factor of whether your website will be successful or not. There are a number of best-practices that make it easier for search engine crawlers to index and understand your page. If your site is difficult for Google to understand, then it will be much more difficult to rank on Google and other search engines.

If you’re looking for a completely new website thats fast, responsive, and looks even better than your competitors, we also have web design services that can build you the brand new website of your dreams.


Content and SEO work in harmony to help improve your website content and outreach. Having high-quality content on your website is a very important ranking factor - especially after Google’s most recent algorithm updates. At TechWyse, we have experts in both Content and SEO who work together to ensure your website ranks high consistently on search engines.


You may have an amazing website - but if no one can find it when they search, then what’s the point?

Off-Page SEO is the practice of improving traffic and search engine rankings based on backlinks from other websites. These backlinks act as a credible source or trust signal that shows Google you have good quality content worthy of sharing.

Off-Page SEO has evolved over the years to focus more on content marketing, outreach, and public relations. This is why it’s imperative to work with a team that has both Content and SEO working hand in hand.

To compete and stay ranking, you should be doing some SEO to keep up with your competitors. With quality content and an Off-Page/outreach strategy, your website will start being noticed more by Google and other search engines. It causes a chain reaction of more backlinks, more traffic, higher rankings, and even more leads.

Interested in learning more about how TechWyse can improve your website’s ranking?

Feel free to reach us at 416-410-7090, or fill out the form below!


The truth about Search Engine Optimization is that it will take time to get the results you’re looking for. This is because it requires an ongoing commitment and strategic planning. SEO takes time, data, and content to reach higher website performance. However, overall, SEO results in a high ROI for your business, producing even better results than PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

PPC advertising is great if you need some fast, short-term results, and have specific promos or events you want your customers to know about. But for your long-term marketing plan, SEO is the way to go. SEO may take longer, but it has long-lasting results for your business making it worth the wait.

Now more than ever, Google is rewarding quality over quantity. Our Toronto team of SEO experts can help you by building an effective SEO strategy to increase and maintain your position on Google search.


Aside from On-Page and Off-Page SEO, TechWyse also offers some additional services that can help with your rankings.

Local Business Optimization

If you’re a business that deals mainly within the local community, then local business optimization is for you. TechWyse has experts in both Local SEO and Google My Business that can help you be found in local and map searches.

Local business optimizations provide highly targeted results, which can benefit your business and better reach your target audience. To do this, TechWyse will implement a number of factors that determine how a site will rank organically on local listings. These factors include:

  • The searcher’s location
  • NAP (name, address and phone number)
  • How relevant your business is to the search
  • How well your website is optimized
  • How accurate your address citations are around the web

We make sure your website, Google My Business listing and citations are optimized for maximum visibility in search results. We’ve been experts in local search since the beginning. From Google Places to Google+ Local and Google My Business, TechWyse knows local business advertising.

Penalty Removal

Since Google began penalizing websites that have unnatural inbound links, many website owners have found that their sites are under penalty. There are two types of penalties you could get from Google:

Manual Penalty

This is when a live Google employee has reviewed the link profile of your website and deemed it unnatural, manipulative and/or spammy.

Algorithmic Penalty

This is when Google’s algorithm has detected signals that are unnatural, manipulative and/or spammy.

In both cases, but more so for algorithmic penalties, Google could be wrong; however, if Google is right about your unnatural link profile (most likely built by utilizing “black hat” SEO) there is hope for your website. This is where our experts in link penalty removal at TechWyse come in.

For us to help you get your penalty removed, we have two steps. First, we need to assess the penalty and/or any harmful links. Secondly, we have to build a case for your link penalty removal. Once we’ve gone through those steps, we can hopefully get your penalties removed and get your website back up to a higher ranking.


Perhaps you came across this page in Google while searching for an SEO company or online marketing agency? If you did find this page through organic search, did you happen to notice the millions of results Google was able to find? It’s a massive amount of web pages and competition to fight through. Yet out of all of those pages, you made the decision to visit this one.

Back in the glory days of SEO, littering your website with keywords and questionable backlinks was enough to rank #1. But over the years, the organic search landscape has evolved to include several influencing elements that determine search placement:

  • Targeted, high-quality content written for the user
  • Proper content formatting
  • Active content marketing through outreach
  • Authoritative backlinks from trustworthy websites
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Page speed and load time
  • Social signals/shares from various popular networks
  • A secure and crawlable website


Physiomed have been a longstanding client with TechWyse and have seen substantial growth as a result of being engaged with multiple services. As the digital world has evolved though, competition in the local markets has become increasingly fierce and strong brands need to stand out!

Increase in
Maps impressions YOY


Increase in
Total Actions


Increase in
Phone Calls


Increase in
Website Clicks

Jiffy Self Storage partnered with TechWyse Internet Marketing back in 2008 with the hopes of increasing their online presence and organic traffic, with an end goal of generating leads. They’ve been a long-standing client ever since.

Increase in
Overall Leads


Increase in
Paid Search


First Page Ranking


Increase in
Google Places Impressions

Junk It! partnered with TechWyse in 2013 with the goal of increasing their online presence in organic search results. The goal was to generate additional organic leads that were not just from people search for their company name!

Increase in
Organic Traffic


Increase in
Organic Leads


Increase in
Google Places Impressions


Increase in
Google Organic Search

AmegoEV began their partnership with TechWyse in January 2018. Their expectations for TechWyse was to enable a successful launch of a new website to help drive conversions through their e-commerce site. The goal was to bring as much paid and organic traffic as possible and to have that traffic convert to sales.

Decrease in
bounce rate


Increase in
page views


Of online sales
from organic search


Of online sales
from paid search

FrequentLY Asked SEO Questions

I already rank on Google, why do I need SEO?

Ranking on Google is definitely a marker of success, but what exactly are you ranking for? In any given industry, there are dozens of keywords and search terms you’ll want to dominate. Just because you’ve conquered one doesn’t mean your journey’s over! And if you don’t keep working on it, someone ranking lower may take over your position. We’ll help rank for what matters most to your brand and your industry.

My website was designed by a professional. Why do I need On-Page SEO?

If you have a new, beautiful website, you’ll want it seen by as many people as possible! That’s where SEO comes in: We’ll optimize your site and your content so you’ll be highly visible on search engines to everyone in your target audience. Rank for keywords in your industry, show up in local search results and expose your brand with the help of our professional team.

My competitor just opened up shop a couple of months ago, and they are already ranking higher than me in search engines. Why is that?

There are two different types of search results: Organic and paid. If your competitor is showing up in the results at the very top of Google, they’re likely running a PPC campaign and have paid to be there. However, if they’re showing up in organic results, they’re running a very tight SEO ship! The TechWyse team looks at the strategy being employed by your competitors and uses that to boost your strategy.

Can you tell me exactly what you are doing for my website monthly from an SEO perspective?

We use your content to answer questions from people around the web. Search engines don’t want companies to use keywords simply to rank higher. They want companies to use them to provide useful and valuable content to readers. We ensure that everything created for your site is what both the user and the search engines want to see, ensuring your website is fully optimized for all parties. In our process, we built a workback schedule that clearly explains to you the tasks that we will be working on and break this down to you each quarter.

How long does it take to start seeing results from SEO?

To start seeing substantial results from SEO, it can take anywhere from 3-6 months. This is because while campaigns like Google Ads may deliver more immediate results, SEO is somewhat of a slow burn in the beginning. The more authorities in your industry pointing to your website, the better a chance you have of ranking faster.

What are the most important ranking factors for SEO?

There are many different SEO factors that can affect your website ranking position. The three most important factors are keywords, backlinks, and content. You need to be focusing on the right keywords for your business and ensure they have the right search intent and search volume. Backlinks are the internet's way of showing trust between websites and their content. If a website with a high authority gives you a backlink, search algorithms will trust your site more. Along with this is the content that makes up your website. Your content should be able to answer your visitor’s questions and make them want to share it with others. Keeping these 3 SEO factors in mind will ensure your strategy is successful.