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Today it’s not enough to simply get someone to visit your website. Visitors need to understand what you’re all about within seconds of landing on your web pages — whether it’s your home page or landing pages for your digital ad campaigns. That means great website design is everything for your business. That’s where we come in.

We specialize in creating impactful, responsive websites with great user experience. It’s beyond just a “good” first impression. We help you quickly showcase what your business is about, so visitors instantly know who you are and what you offer. We’ll work to best understand your audience, so there’s never any doubt that the first click was the best decision they ever made. We’ll lead them where they need to go:

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Ecommerce to make purchases

Landing pages to further your campaign messages

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Special offers to push them down the sales funnel

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Contact collection to qualify leads

responsive website design toronto

We’re changing the meaning of responsive website design. Technology is already there when it comes to meeting the needs of a visitor’s device. That’s old news. When we think of responsive web pages today, we mean fast loading, impactful, clear messaging that leads to conversions.

Our goal is to:

Improve your
user experience (UX)

Add original, SEO
optimized content

Have a quick
loading website

social sharing

Provide easy

Reach higher
search rankings

Greatly reduce
bounce rates

Gain more conversions,
conversions, conversions

Are you ready to take your Business to the top?

Speak with one of our digital marketing specialists today. At TechWyse, our goal is to find the strategy that suits your business goals




Planning Your New Website

  • A project manager works with you and oversees your website design and development to ensure it suits your needs
  • Your input is our starting point, but we also are experts at understanding a business’ needs even if you have little input to offer
  • Our experienced team creates a plan designed for success based on your goals
  • Customization is at the core of every project; everything is tailor-made for you and your needs
  • We focus on performance, messaging, conversion rate optimization, and more to make the best website for your business and audience

High-Quality Website Content

  • From time to time, websites need a refresher to keep content new and relevant to best rank on Google
  • New, relevant, and optimized content keeps Google’s algorithms working in your favour

  • With high-quality content, your visitors will easily find the information they need to convert

  • We revamp web content to optimize SEO and drive conversions to your site

Eye-Catching Creative Designs

  • As we build the site, you’ll be there every step of the way
  • Our team of experts look at competition and research your industry to find the best experience for your visitors, so you’re always one step ahead of the competition
  • We ensure that your responsive website will look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Our design team uses best practices to keep your website design consistent with colours, fonts and graphics to complement your branding

Website Development

  • Although we specialize in WordPress, we also build websites on other prominent platforms that best suit your goals and business
  • Every step of our process ensures your website increases traffic and encourages visitors to take action
  • There’s no waiting for pages to load or struggling to find information – everything we do is designed for ease of use, simplicity, and clear communication
  • When visitors arrive, they are instantly engaged and have a better, more productive user experience

Intuitive Designs. Engaging Content. User Optimized.

Our custom-designed websites and pages target your audience, provide a tailored user experience, and secure your position as an innovator and industry leader.

Business Services

Flex specializes in employee engagement surveys that promote productivity and retention. Through their collaboration with TechWyse, they experienced increased website traffic and conversion rates. With a focus on quality solutions, we continue to empower businesses with impactful digital marketing strategies.

Health - General

MedPros specializing in healthcare consulting and services, approached TechWyse for a solution to maintaining their online presence with our top-notch digital marketing services. With our advanced strategies customized to the healthcare industry, we optimized their website, implemented targeted advertising campaigns, and engaged audiences across multiple platforms resulting in higher ROI.

Business Services

Armstrong Moving covers every aspect, from preparation to secure transport and storage, allowing their clients to focus solely on their destination. With TechWyse professional solutions, they enjoyed increased visibility in search results, leading to consistent lead generation and impressive returns on investment.

While the TechWyse team has gained specialization in various industries since its inception in 2001, our process applies to any business that is looking to grow its efforts online. Our proven strategies apply to businesses looking to grow lead generation efforts or sell products online.

Here are just some of our success stories:

View Case Study
Decrease in
bounce rate 27.03%
Increase in
page views 101.44%
Of online sales
from organic search 27.09%
Of online sales
from paid search 11.16%
View Case Study
Increase in
First Page Ranking 67%
Increase in
Organic Traffic Y-O-Y 142%
Increase in
Social Followers 102%
Increase in
Click-through Rates 250%
View Case Study
Increase in
Conversion 450%
Increase in
First Page ranking 67%
Increase in
E-commerce Transaction 250%
Increase in
Organic Traffic Year Over Year 40%

Frequently Asked Website Design Questions

  • What is a responsive website?

    A responsive website is one that has been designed to adapt itself to a variety of platforms. Whether your website is being viewed on a computer, a phone or a tablet, a responsive site will still be easy to navigate and use on any device.

  • Why is User Experience important?

    User experience makes or breaks every visit to your website. If a page takes too long to load, a navigation bar is missing logical destinations, your message is unclear, or your page looks unprofessional; you fail to provide the experience a user expects. The right user experience leads to conversions, and a continued positive experience builds brand loyalty. You show customers what they need, and they respond by buying.

  • What is a CMS (content management system)?

    The short answer is a CMS is a software application for building and managing your website. The longer answer is, a CMS allows you to create, manage, modify, and publish content easily to improve the function and experience of your site. It works without the need for coding and other technical stuff that makes website management seem difficult.

  • Why is it important to have your website designed and developed by an experienced online marketing agency?

    Web designers know that when creating a website, they need to make it as easy for users as possible. But SEO educated designers know it’s just as important to make it easy for Google to see, too! Using an experienced online marketing agency that also deals with SEO will help fill in this gap and ensure you’re in good standings with both your visitors and Google.

  • How long does it take to build a website?

    We offer two different kinds of website design: Custom websites and templated websites. Generally our templated sites take less time to create, but this all depends on your requirements. After reviewing the work you need done, our team will provide you with an estimate on how long the creation will take!

  • Will we see immediate changes to our traffic after the new website goes live?

    It certainly is possible, but it does take time. The improvements we make take a long-term approach, so you see the best results over time. We make key changes that can take up to 90 days for Google’s algorithms to analyze. This means Google will begin to push you up the rankings because Google sees your website’s value. This is why we recommend having a content package to complement your new website design. Adding new content to your website regularly, such as blogs, keeps you top of mind with Google, increasing traffic and providing value to visitors, encouraging repeat visits and conversions. It’s a process, but within 30 to 45 days, things will improve once Google sees that you are a trustworthy source.

    Don’t wait to update your website! Call us today and learn more about how we help you convert more visitors.

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