Coja by Sofa4life

Coja by Sofa4life

The Challenge

Coja asked us to help create a web presence that brought their time-honoured commitment handcrafted furniture to the masses. The website did not attract significant traffic and did not attract leads. It simply ranked for their brand name and not much else. It was up to TechWyse make sure that people in need of handcrafted, custom furniture found Coja!

The Objectives

  • Create a website that the client can easily upload new products to on his own and change content at will, as well as redesign a look and feel that is as modern sleek, and classy as the product that Coja offers.
  • Better presence in both Organic and Paid Search results, and online in general
  • To have better position in the US/world market-place. Expand from local retail business.
  • To transition from print to an online style of marketing for better ROI.
  • Stay current/ahead of competitive retailers – in process of transitioning to responsive and e-commerce.

The Solution

  • Redesigned their website from an old outdated look and feel to a much more modern Feel which is now collecting leads at a rate not previously realized.
  • Their Organic presence is dominant locally compared to their competitors, and their organic presence in the US is very strong as well, with the current US vs CAD dollar, Coja is shipping more product to our Southern neighbours than ever before.

TechWyse helped increase Coja’s organic leads by 142% within two years.

The Results

Increase in
First Page Ranking 67%
Increase in
Organic Traffic Y-O-Y 142%
Increase in
Social Followers 102%
Increase in
Click-through Rates 250%

What they say about us

We’re a custom furniture company that competes with well-established brands. TechWyse understood exactly what differentiated us from our competition: custom products with the finest quality materials. At first TechWyse designed a new mobile-friendly website and then after sales grew we decided to go with an ecommerce system that allows our customers to fully customize and order high-end sofas online. Our paid search and organic SEO efforts have resulted in a 250% higher click through rate and 142% increase in organic leads year after year! We’ve also been able to grow our social following by 102% with TechWyse’s social media management.

Joel Matlin , CEO


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