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Marketing Automation

Do you want to perform tasks in less time, save resources and increase revenue while doing so?
Do you want to generate new, qualified leads?
The solution? Marketing automation.
With marketing automation, you can identify, track, and engage with prospects online. You can measure the revenue contribution of every marketing campaign you’re running, helping you plan your budget wisely.


What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the process of using software to automate your marketing activities during different parts of the marketing funnel.

Many marketing departments use automation for repetitive tasks like email marketing, publishing on social media, and online advertising campaigns. Automating these tasks can increase efficiency, plus it provides a more personalized experience, allowing you to nurture prospects and convert them into happy customers!


How does marketing Automation Work?

At a very high level, marketing automation sends specific content to potential customers based on their behaviour and data.
It allows you to automate manual, repetitive tasks: sending emails, follow-ups, reminders, and reports. This consequently makes the entire process faster, more manageable and more personalized.
Marketing automation can have a significant impact on companies of all sizes, especially small businesses that are looking for methods to save time and resources.


Imagine A Scenario


Bill reads your blog post about mortgage rates, but isn’t ready to 'Apply Now' for a mortgage loan. He however fills a form to receive your eBook titled '10 Tips on how to prepare for a mortgage application'.


Bill instantly receives an email with a link to download the eBook. He clicks on the link and downloads the eBook.


Next day, Bill receives another email with a link to a blog post about the mortgage pre-approval process. Bill ignores this email.


After 2 days, Bill receives a follow up email. Bill clicks on the blog post link this time


This automatically qualifies Bill as a high value 'Lead' since he took specific actions within a specified timeframe.


After 2 days, Bill receives a follow up email. Bill clicks on the blog post link this time


Almost immediately, Bill receives a 'Thank You' text message, while your advisor receives an email notification regarding the booked appointment.

This is one small example of how marketing automation can be used to generate leads within the Mortgage industry.
Smart marketers across industries and business sizes use marketing automation to

  • Ensure a constant flow of high quality leads
  • Get better sales
  • Build customer loyalty

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Marketing Automation Services


Whether you are a startup or a large business, email marketing automation is vital.

We can develop a series of drip campaigns to welcome campaigns to recurring email newsletters with industry-leading deliverability. Get empowered with a suite of email automation campaigns to ensure you send the right email at the right time.

Broadcasted Emails

Send a one-time email broadcast to your audience in an instant.

Great for announcements and special offers.

Targeted Emails

Segment your customers and prospects based on data and behaviour; send customized communications to each target segment.

Great for reminders and follow-ups.

Email Autoresponders

Instantly send emails to your customers and prospects based on specific engagement touch-points.

Ideal for when you acquire a new customer, or when a form is submitted.

Automated Blog Digest

Ensure that your blogs reach the right audience with automated blog digests.

Excellent for re-engaging with your readers.

Triggered Emails

Triggered emails are sent when a customer performs a specific task or inputs information on your website.

This is a great way to get back those who abandoned their shopping carts.

Email Funnel

Send automated emails to nurture your prospects and guide them through your purchase funnel with ease and precision.

Great way to send limited-time offers

Scheduled Emails

Build customer loyalty by sending personalized messages on dates that matter. Schedule emails in advance so that you never miss wishing your customers a happy birthday or happy anniversary.

A great way to show that you care!

Drip Emails

Effortlessly cross-sell or up-sell to your clients by sending timely and highly relevant emails. Drip email campaigns are a great way to stay on top of your customer’s changing preferences.

This ensures you never lose your clients to a competitor.

SMS Automation

Automated text message allows you to reach your customers in a fast and effective way.

Text messaging is a reliable and cost-effective way of directly communicating with consumers. With SMS automation, you can increase customer experience by creating and scheduling a message to send to a defined audience.

Text Autoresponders

Instantly respond to your leads and customers with personalized text messages. Ideal for letting them know you have ‘received their details’ or that their 'shipment is underway.'

Follow-up via SMS

Complement your automated email with synchronized SMS notifications. That way, you can send a 'Thank You!' text to your new lead and simultaneously send a 'you got a new lead' notification to your salesperson.

SMS Drip Campaign

Create a series of automated yet highly personalized messages to keep your customers engaged with your brand over time.

Personalized Text Messages

Celebrate important occasions. Pre-schedule personalized text messages to cover a series of life events, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

SMS Marketing

Send scheduled text messages containing notifications, promotional coupons, and special offers to persuade prospects to make a purchase.

Subscription Management via SMS

Make it easy for your customers to properly 'STOP' or 'UNSUBSCRIBE' at any time with a simple text message. That way, your clients are less likely to mark your emails as 'Spam'.

Website Message Automation

Inform and guide your website visitors at the time they are most engaged and are ready to make a purchase.

Website messaging is a great way to share timely, valuable and specific updates to your website visitors, such as promotions, announcements, and discounts.

Visitor Targeting

Display targeted messaging to your website visitors based on their interest, site history and the specific webpage they are on.

CTA funnels

Nudge your prospects through their buying journey by displaying relevant messages on various pages across your website.

Human Touch

Add a human touch and increase your conversion with personalized messages for returning customers.

Lead Quality Automation

One of the biggest marketing challenges is identifying quality leads that convert. Our lead scoring system ranks your leads against a scale that represents their perceived value. It then assigns them a specific score based on their specific actions.

The automated lead scoring system re-adjusts the lead score depending on their website engagement levels. This informs you if a lead acquired last month is still interested in your product or service.

Automate Your Lead Funnel

Guide your leads down the conversion funnel fast with triggered site messages based on their lead score.

Organize and Prioritize Leads

Get notified when the lead score crosses a specific threshold, so your sales team knows whom to contact first.

Customize Your Lead Scores

A prospect who read your blog last week may be a better-qualified lead than someone who downloaded your ebook last month. Set up your lead scoring and qualification system that identifies different online behaviour, so you are 100% confident about the quality of your leads at all times.

Omni Channel Brand Experience Automation

In a market cluttered with so many brands, building customer loyalty is becoming harder than ever. An intelligent solution is to automate your customer’s brand experience with an omnichannel marketing and communications strategy.

This means your customer is engaged with your brand via his mobile phone or laptop at all times.



Customized social media advertising strategies can take you from having a faint digital pulse to building a thriving, highly visible brand network that inspires action. Curious to learn more? Let’s chat!

Marketing Automation: The TechWyse Way

Given the broad spectrum of clients and industries that we have served for over two decades, we have developed an in-depth understanding of our client’s needs and goals across a multitude of industries. This means that when you come to us with a marketing problem, we are already equipped with the marketing tools and expertise to provide you with a powerful solution.

Our expert team carefully craft messaging to meet your business objectives and ensuring that your customers and prospects are best served at the right time, always.

We continuously monitor the progress of campaigns using marketing automation tools, rather than just collecting data. We utilize this to improve and develop future marketing strategies. We record which leads respond to each campaign while our research team formulates new strategies to attract any unresponsive prospects.

Talk to our solutions team to explore your options and find a marketing automation method that works for you. Our team of experts create customized strategies for every client, so you know that your strategy is unique to your business.


Frequently Asked Marketing Automation Questions

  • Will marketing automation benefit my business?


    Imagine a marketing team working 24/7 to attract prospects, communicate with customers and build brand loyalty… without you having to manage them all the time.

    Thats’ what Marketing automation will do for you… at a fraction of the cost.

    A recent study revealed that marketing automation on average drives upto 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overheads.

  • When should I start using marketing automation for my business?

    Over 79% of high-performing companies in North America rely on marketing automation to attract sales. This encompasses businesses of all sizes across almost all industries.

    The ideal time therefore is now, irrespective of where your business is in terms of age or size or industry.

  • Marketing automation seems complicated and confusing. Will it work for me?

    Marketing automation has evolved rapidly in recent years making it very easy to setup and use. With smart back-end technology integration systems, marketing automation can now be plugged into your business irrespective of the platform, technology or tools that you currently use.

    Moreover, we recognize that today’s consumer is on the move and has very limited time to engage with your brand. Thats’ why our implementation process ensures that you reach your prospects and customers across multiple devices no matter where they are.

    In other words, we at TechWyse will make sure that marketing automation works for you.

  • Marketing automation seems expensive; will I be able to afford it?


    We tailor our marketing automation solutions to your budget and business needs. This means we can always start with simple yet powerful automation processes that you need today; and gradually widen the scope as your business grows.

  • Implementing marketing automation seems very time consuming. What do I do?

    The harder part is getting to the nitty gritty of your marketing and sales processes, and fully understanding your buyer personas. Once thats’ done… the actual implementation can be done in weeks or even days.

    Our speciality is not just setting up the marketing automation system, but also constantly analyzing various data points. This helps us constantly tweak our automation process to deliver results at all times.

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