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The TechWyse


We’re always looking for passionate people who desire to work with industry experts, build rapport with teams easily and literally buzz with enthusiasm all day long.


Fly Like an Eagle

When you become an employee of TechWyse, you’ll be learning about Internet marketing from the most experienced team in Canada. Our employees develop their expert knowledge and experience with hands-on training and endless opportunities for growth.

Latest And Greatest Hardware

We offer the latest technology and equipment to help you perform better at your job. Our office is fully serviced with devices and programs to allow for efficiency and productivity.

Healthy And Happy

We curate a positive work environment where our employees work hard and reap the rewards. We firmly believe that a happy and healthy team make for a successful company, and satisfied clients.

Never go Hungry (or Thirsty)

At TechWyse, our kitchen is always well-stocked to keep you satisfied from A.M. to P.M., and our weekly Beer N’ Learn means you’ll be able to quench your Friday thirst while learning about the latest movements in digital marketing.

What Our People Say About Us

TechWyse is a fun, energetic and fast-paced environment. Everyday there is a unique situation with different opportunities in front of us and new business problems to solve on behalf of our clients. We are all constantly learning and growing, while enjoying the support of our colleagues. More than anything, the people at TechWyse are phenomenal. They are all bright, creative and hungry to push themselves, our clients and TechWyse as a whole into new positive directions.

Phil Azer
Sr. Account Manager

I've been developing digital strategies for clients at TechWyse since 2017. It continues to be an incredible experience. One of my favourite aspects of the job is the daily interactions with business owners. The happiness they exude once a strategy we have developed together gets executed, is extremely rewarding. I have had clients send me gift baskets, thank you cards, & more. The team, level, of service, and friendly vibe continue to strengthen our position as a Tier 1 agency in Toronto.

Adam Estrela
Sr. Strategic Solutions Manager

I’ve been at TechWyse for over a year now - the dedicated team, the dynamic culture, and the ability to grow as a digital marketer at TechWyse continues to amaze me! At TechWyse, the team is so committed to growing client businesses and solving problems that you never feel unsupported. There’s also an enthusiasm for exciting new marketing techniques across the office, so both the clients we work with and the team at TechWyse is constantly improving and developing. With the friendly team and the positive atmosphere at TechWyse, there’s rarely a dull day at the office.

Ben Fishbein
Account Manager

The learning and growth that comes everyday at TechWyse can be attributed to all the different industries we serve. No day is the same whether it’s in the office with colleagues or in a client meeting with business owners. The big difference with TechWyse is they give plenty of opportunities to all who walk through their doors.

Brett Innis

From day one of working at TechWyse, I have been looking forward to coming to the office and working with the most passionate and innovative marketing professionals! We have such a close knit team and everyone is happy to share advice and lend a helping hand! Even though we are working hard day to day, we still have that sociable vibe in the office that is very much needed for employee morale and productivity!

Olivana Petrocelli
Director, Web Services

TechWyse Internet Marketing is a fantastic place to work and grow professionally. The company has a friendly and inclusive culture that fosters collaboration and teamwork. The management team is supportive and genuinely cares about the well-being and professional development of its employees.
One of the things I appreciate most about working at TechWyse is the opportunities for growth and advancement. The company invests in its employees and provides ongoing training and development opportunities to help us reach our full potential with their education and learning assistance programs. They also provide a great wellness program to help enrich their employees' wellbeing.

Wasim Demachkie
Project Manager

We are constantly looking out for our clients and helping them generate leads and sales in every way possible via digital marketing. We are a tightly knit, agile team always focused on the client first. It is a pleasure to come to work everyday, knowing you have a talented bunch of people aligned with common goals of excellence, innovation and client success.

Raghuram Sitaram
Director Operations & Strategy
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