John Wanamaker once said “Half my advertising spend is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half.”


Who is interacting with your business — and are they turning into long-term customer relationships? Digital touchpoints like impressions, clicks, and bounce rates are just as important as SEO, Paid Media, and social media strategies. It’s not enough to simply reach out to customers — you need to track and measure these interactions and define a path for converting them.

Successful businesses have an impactful digital footprint: they track and measure customer interactions. They are quick to pivot when a strategy isn’t working because they have the data that tells them why and what they need to do. You, too, can build a successful business, starting with making data-driven decisions.

At TechWyse, we use our leading, proprietary Customer Relation Management (CRM) tool to help you track website performance and manage genuine, qualified leads. Our account managers use AdLuge’s full-suite website performance tracking and analysis tool to derive valuable insights that drive digital growth. Get all the data you need to make your digital strategy work as it should: discover bottlenecks, opportunities, and alter your campaigns to reach the right audiences and grow your business.

Tracking and Measurement
Online Marketing


Many ads and campaigns start out brilliant, but quickly flame out and fail to deliver valuable leads and drive sustainable customer relationships. You know they’re good — but is your audience reacting as expected? Without the right performance tracking tool, you’ll never know what you need to do to reach the right customers.

The best campaigns are smart — they’re data-driven and agile. With real-time analytics, you can establish key indicators that help you unlock more opportunities to reach customers and generate leads. The value of this data is vital to build a cohesive, long-term campaign strategy that evolves with your customers’ needs. Reap the rewards of data-driven marketing through the highest ROI you have seen in years.

Here’s how AdLuge makes it easy, all in one place:

  • Track website and campaign performance
  • Generate and analyze trends that shape your marketing decisions
  • Create a complete digital marketing strategy with SEO, paid media, and social data
  • Monitor reach and engagement across multiple platforms
  • Optimize campaigns to complement each other, and produce a cohesive brand
  • Access online lead management to develop customer relationship and retention pipelines

When you create, track, and optimize data-driven campaigns, it’s easier to meet marketing goals and see exponential returns on your digital strategy.


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At TechWyse, your growth is our mission. We support businesses like yours with a high-performance and rewarding digital strategy. We deliver this through a data-driven measurement service: analytics and trends that guide campaign optimization, and unlock opportunities for connecting with more customers. With our measurement service, you’ll work closely with a dedicated account manager and have access to AdLuge’s analytics and data. You’ll receive monthly reports and complete access of your own to see how your campaigns and marketing efforts are doing, as well as manage all of your leads. Discover the ultimate digital marketing measurement service — powered by data, and unlike any other in the market:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Certified Account Managers

Our Account Managers are GAIQ certified (Google Analytics Individual Qualification). With certified expertise backed by digital marketing experience, you can trust your Account Manager to guide you through a smart and successful digital strategy.

Website Tracking

Website Tracking and Online Lead Management

With AdLuge, we offer a complete digital management experience — simple, seamless, and all on a single screen. Track your marketing campaigns and performance all in one place, with complete access to a built-in online lead management tool to strengthen connections between sales and marketing.

Comprehensive Training

Comprehensive Training

To ensure you get the most out of our program, we offer complete AdLuge training, so you can easily utilize this analytic platform for campaign and lead management.

Combined Expertise

Combined Expertise

Get the best of our measurement service with AdLuge real-time analytics and insights, and the expertise of our Account Managers to help you make data-driven decisions for your digital strategy today that translates to growth tomorrow.

No Commitment

At TechWyse, we want you to be happy — that’s why we don’t lock you in with a long-term contract upfront. Watch us deliver results and increase your bottom line first, and explore a long-term partnership when you see steady engagement and leads from our full-service digital marketing strategy, from campaign launch to tracking and measurement.


At TechWyse, our digital marketing experts have seen — and used — a variety of tools and platforms for creating, tracking and measuring website performance. We know that the threat of missing out on valuable data-driven insights is real when there are so many things to look at across multiple platforms. That’s why we developed AdLuge: full-service campaign measurement and lead management tool to meet your needs. What can you do with AdLuge?

Website Performance Tracking

Complete website performance tracking and analysis

Track website, SEO, Paid Media, and all other campaign performance

Lead Management

Manage leads and inform the sales cycle

Capture and track leads, set client
meetings, and measure sales

Digital Marketing Strategy

Create a smart digital marketing strategy

Generate data-driven insights to optimize current campaigns, and launch an expanded and unified digital growth and sales strategy

AdLuge is the complete and powerful CRM tool you need to leverage leads into sales with these powerhouse, industry-leading features:

  • CRM and online lead management
  • Sales performance monitoring
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Collaborative task management for teams
  • Periodic campaign reports
  • Phone call tracking, and more.

If you want your business to gain more leads from your marketing efforts, contact our solutions team to find out more about our tracking and measurement service.


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  • Why do I need AdLuge?

    AdLuge doesn’t just help you understand your website’s performance; it also helps you review and organize your leads. You can assign leads to specific people within your organization to get things rolling. The best part of AdLuge is being able to chart your progress using everything from Google Analytics data to keyword ranking reports.

  • Is there training for AdLuge?

    Definitely! AdLuge is an amazing wealth of information, but there is a learning curve that comes along with using it for the first time. Your dedicated account manager will be able to show you how it works, which metrics are most important to your brand, and how to use it to your advantage.

  • What type of metrics/information will I see in AdLuge?

    AdLuge allows you to see where your leads are coming from across multiple mediums all in one place. Social remarketing, PPC campaigns, organic traffic. You can see which areas get you the most attention, so you know where to invest your money in. Unlike other metrics tools, it allows you to measure and compare your search engine rankings against your competitors!

  • How is AdLuge different from Google Analytics?

    AdLuge is more advanced than Google Analytics in many ways. It allows you to manage leads in a CRM; it allows you access to call tracking and has the functionality to show you metrics from all of your lead areas (social, organic, paid and others) all in one place!

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