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What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay per click, Paid Media or PPC advertising can refer to a variety of different digital advertising channels, but is most notably tied to Google Ads paid search campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM helps business grow in competitive verticals. This is especially true in industries where it can be a struggle to rank organically on search engines. With PPC marketing, you can visually outrank your competitors in minutes without a long-term SEO strategy.

This is advantageous in competitive commercial niches. In fact, as many as 40% of clicks conducted on high commercial intent search queries can be attributed to the first three ad positions found in paid search results. That’s a percentage your business can’t afford to miss out on.

Pick A Platform, Any Platform Paid Media & PPC Management From Clicks To Conversions

Partnering with TechWyse means you can drive targeted traffic to your website by placing your ad to the top of any given search engine for keywords that make the most sense for your business.

And paying for clicks is just the beginning.

Our ‘Paid Media’ team excels in offering advanced audience targeting through today’s most popular paid platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn ads for B2B solutions, programmatic display campaigns, and even YouTube advertising. You name it, we can do it.

Paid Search

  • Google Ads
  • Bing & Yahoo!
  • Paid Search Audits

Social Ads

  • Facebook & Instagram
  • LinkedIn Ads & Twitter Ads
  • Pinterest Ads


  • Google Display Network
  • Programmatic Display
  • Native Advertising


  • YouTube Ads
  • Programmatic Video
  • Video Remarketing


  • Google Remarketing
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Facebook Remarketing


  • Google Product Listing Ads
  • Facebook Catalog Ads
  • Amazon Ads

No Account? no problem.
PPC & Paid Media Campaign Creation

Have a website or business, but no idea where to get started? No problem. If you’re looking for PPC help to get your business on Google Ads, Facebook and the myriad of other paid media platforms, our comprehensive setup team moves swiftly, with extremely short turnaround times. We will handle everything from ‘Campaign Planning’ to implementation. Our setup services include:

  • Account Set Up & Creation
  • Full Platform Access
  • Targeted Campaign Structure Based On Location, Device, Demographics, Industry etc.
  • In-Depth Budget Recommendations
  • Ad Copy Creation & Testing
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Landing Page & Conversion Recommendations
  • Access To A Dedicated Account Management
  • Competitor & Branded Campaigns
  • Full Tracking Setup Implementation

PPC & Paid Media Optimizations

Our Paid Media approach doesn’t stop simply at driving traffic! Our PPC experts take great pride in not only getting you set up but making ongoing campaign adjustments to produce the optimal performance for your campaigns. Afterall, while PPC campaigns are a quick way to get traffic to your site, they need constant care and attention to make sure you are getting the best possible return on your ad spend.

At TechWyse, our extensive pay-per-click experience allows us to laser focus targeting for all our your paid media efforts, all within the confines of your budget!

We do this by making ongoing optimizations and constant improvements to your campaigns. These could include adding changes in targeting via device or geo-targets, adding negative exclusions to keep your ad in front of the right eyes, and ultimately pulling the right levers to keep your PPC campaign humming.

We know it’s not enough to just be seen, we take full control of your campaigns so all you have to do is watch the conversions pile up!

PPC & Paid Media Optimizations

Our Ongoing Monthly Pay-Per-Click Management Service Includes

  1. Budget Pacing & Monitoring:

    to ensure your ads are being seen at the right time & for the right price

  2. Ongoing Campaign Optimizations:

    with data-driven decisions to improve your cost-per-conversion for the best possible ROI

  3. Audience Optimizations:

    We find out who is seeing your ads and more importantly who is converting

  4. Access to the Latest Google Ads Beta Programs:

    via our Premier Partner Relationship with Google

  5. Monthly Performance Reviews & Recommendations:

    With a dedicated account manager

  6. Ad Copy Creation & A/B Testing:

    Test your latest promotion and improve the Click Through Rate to your site

  7. Conversion Rate Optimization Review:

    How do your landing pages convert for PPC and how can we improve them?

  8. Conversion Tracking Review:

    Making sure you are tracking the right KPIs for conversion

The TechWyse Paid Media Advantage

TechWyse has more than 150 individuals all focused on the planning, launching, and optimization of your marketing efforts. Established in 2001, it’s safe to say our ongoing experience helps us build winning paid media campaigns. Whether you’re launching PPC in Toronto, (our home city!) Canada, or anywhere across North America, our team is dedicated to delivering measurable results!

Dedicated Account Manager:

Our cadence of accountability with our clients is something that truly sets us apart. Your dedicated account manager is there to answer any of your PPC related questions and will provide you with monthly review & performance meetings as well as recommendations for improving your account.

Measuring Your Leads with AdLuge Integration

Our proprietary software AdLuge allows you to track not only your PPC campaigns but all your marketing efforts from a single location. See exactly who is converting from your campaigns and tie internal action to your leads. It is an intuitive software that allows real-time updates to your campaigns.

Google Reps & Premier Partner Status

Being around since 2001 TechWyse was one of the first ever Google Ads Certified Partners. At TechWyse we are extremely proud to be one of only 3% of agencies qualified as Google Premier Partners. As a Google Premier Partner, we enjoy access to the latest betas and product set offerings that Google has to offer. This can give you a competitive edge in the already crowded Google Ads landscape.

Our Premier Partners status also allows us to have a direct line of communication to Google themselves. Our Google representatives work in unison with us to improve account performance and increase your visibility on the Google ad network.

Interested in learning more about how TechWyse can help your business ?

Feel free to reach us at 416-410-7090, or fill out the form below!

Paid Media & PPC Management Platforms We Offer

Physiomed have been a longstanding client with TechWyse and have seen substantial growth as a result of being engaged with multiple services. As the digital world has evolved though, competition in the local markets has become increasingly fierce and strong brands need to stand out!

Increase in
Maps impressions YOY


Increase in
Total Actions


Increase in
Phone Calls


Increase in
Website Clicks

Jiffy Self Storage partnered with TechWyse Internet Marketing back in 2008 with the hopes of increasing their online presence and organic traffic, with an end goal of generating leads. They’ve been a long-standing client ever since.

Increase in
Overall Leads


Increase in
Paid Search


First Page Ranking


Increase in
Google Places Impressions

Junk It! partnered with TechWyse in 2013 with the goal of increasing their online presence in organic search results. The goal was to generate additional organic leads that were not just from people search for their company name!

Increase in
Organic Traffic


Increase in
Organic Leads


Increase in
Google Places Impressions


Increase in
Google Organic Search

AmegoEV began their partnership with TechWyse in January 2018. Their expectations for TechWyse was to enable a successful launch of a new website to help drive conversions through their e-commerce site. The goal was to bring as much paid and organic traffic as possible and to have that traffic convert to sales.

Decrease in
bounce rate


Increase in
page views


Of online sales
from organic search


Of online sales
from paid search

FrequentLY Asked PPC Questions

Once you set up a PPC campaign, why am I paying a management fee? Doesn’t it just run itself?

PPC campaigns are ongoing and ever-changing processes that are extremely hard to run successfully unless you have intimate knowledge of how pay-per-click campaigns run. Our PPC managers ensure that you’re targeting the best possible audience while staying within your budget!

Can you tell me exactly what you are doing for my website monthly from a PPC perspective?

While SEO takes time to start showing your website in search results, PPC is a near immediate solution to ranking on Google. We do constant upkeep on finding the most relevant keywords to your industry, and research what people are actually looking for to help get you showing up in SERPs fast.

If I increase my PPC budget, will that translate into more leads?

Most likely! While we do work with budgets of any size, a bigger budget will make a difference. It will allow you to bid on higher targeted keywords, higher trafficked search terms, and will allow our team the freedom to find you a wider audience.

Why don’t I just run my own PPC campaign?

PPC campaigns are highly fickle. Between proper keyword research and distribution of budget between those keywords, maintaining your campaign takes strong knowledge in the ever changing world of pay-per-click advertising. Unless you’re a PPC expert with ample time to spare, it’s best to leave it up to a professional!