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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) can help you generate more qualified leads and customers.

Stop driving traffic to your website, crossing your fingers, and hoping for the best. You can get more out of your existing traffic if you pay attention to the way users behave and why they engage.

Do you know what devices your visitors use, or what browsers? How about what features they interact with the most, or the reason they visit your website in the first place?

At TechWyse, we can find the answers to these questions and collect valuable data about your audience, which we use to optimize your site for higher conversion rates.


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is both an art and a science that focuses on enhancing your website and content to capture more conversions.

Conversion rates can be calculated into percentages which can tell you how many of your visitors are taking desired actions like filling out a survey, buying a product, or signing up for your email list.

While this numerical data can help your business by providing you with averages and benchmarks, you end up with data that doesn’t really tell the full story.

What will truly help your business increase conversion rates is understanding what motivates, stops and persuades your visitors to behave or take action. When this is understood, focus can be shifted to making changes to your website that improve user experience.

Optimizing your conversion rate is about understanding your visitors and customers and giving them what they need with proper CRO. Improving your user experience through CRO will help you build leads and convert visitors more often.

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Conversion rate optimization can boost your SEO in different ways, including:

Better Customer Insights

Do you know what prompts your target audience to convert? With better customer insights, you can improve areas of your website to encourage customers to take action and complete a site goal.

Increased Return on Investment

A higher conversion rate can directly translate to a better return on the time and money you invest in optimization. At its core, CRO is about getting the most out of your existing customers rather than bringing in new ones.

Better Scalability

CRO allows you to grow without the requirement of scaling your business with your audience. You won’t need to create more structure or more products for your business in order to retain visitors — get the most out of every visitor so you can grow without running out of potential customers.

Enhanced User Experience

If your visitors enjoy using your website, they’ll keep coming back for more. CRO observes what is working on your website in order to expand it, resulting in a better overall user experience.

Grow Trust

In order to share any personal information, a user must feel comfortable enough to trust your website. Think of your website as your first point of contact for your audience and potential customers. Just like your staff, your website needs to be professional, friendly and able to answer most of your customers’ questions at a click of a button.


CRO is both an art and a science when it comes to converting your website visitors into leads. Without the art, your website experience will only fulfil the technical requirements, and without the science, your visitors won’t understand where to convert or how.

By looking at the behaviour of your visitors and the analytics of your website, we can build a CRO strategy that best suits your business. The end result is a beautiful website that makes the most out of your marketing dollars.

The Art

Your website is an important step in your larger sales funnel.

Your website design is a crucial factor when it comes to conversions. It must have compelling call-to-actions, such as: buttons, messaging, imagery and contact forms that are easy to find and easy to use.

At TechWyse, we have decades worth of experience in designing effective call-to-actions that convert your users into conversions that count. We consider everything from timed scrolling banners to the readability of the copy in your messaging.

The Science

Your call-to-action is the technical side of your sales funnel with a lot going on behind the scenes. This is where some of the most important points of your data collection comes from. For this reason, our contact forms don’t just simply send a message to your email, but they also connect to AdLuge.

AdLuge is our proprietary management system with a complete lead tracking dashboard. This gives you an easy to understand view on the client’s data, conversion, and conversion points, giving you a complete picture on where you should focus your marketing dollars.

Call tracking numbers are another way to set up an easy tracking solution for your website. Call tracking numbers allow you to dynamically change the phone number on your website depending on where the user came from (i.e. from search, from entering the URL directly, from social, etc). This shows you where your marketing initiatives are driving the most leads, helping you understand your true cost-per-lead.

Our digital marketing experts can advise you on the best CRO solutions to help you achieve your goals.


Many conversion rate optimization marketing strategies can be utilized across your website; however, they are more helpful on pages that are the most lucrative and have the most traffic, like your homepage or product/service pages.

Our CRO experts at TechWyse will analyze your website and current CRO practices and create a complete strategy focused on bringing you more leads.

  • Audit your website to enhance user experience and build trust with your visitors
  • Place conversion points in the most lucrative parts of your website
  • Ensure conversion points are eye catching and make sense to the user
  • Compare A/B testing to find what works best for your visitors
  • Add other CRO tools to help convert more visitors (e.g. Live Chat Software)

By implementing these features, you can build trust with your users, provide them with an unforgettable user experience and ensure that your CTAs are well placed, make sense and are eye-catching.

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What is a conversion?

A conversion is anything involving customer interaction or is an important metric for your business success. Filling out a form, using the phone number provided to call your business, watching your videos, signing up for newsletters — if they’ve completed an action, that’s a conversion!

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