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Digital Marketing Strategy & Consulting

Your company needs a digital marketing strategy to set yourself apart. Since 2001, we’ve provided marketing plans for companies of all sizes, from small business marketing strategies to large enterprises.

We specialize in:

As a Google Premier partner, TechWyse is one of the 1% of online digital marketing companies with the expertise to develop results-driven digital marketing strategies. We’ve helped companies across every industry, from healthcare to finance and construction to education, see measurable results that lead to real growth. Curious about whether we may be a fit for each other? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Customizable Digital Marketing Plan For Your Business

When it comes to digital marketing, no two businesses are alike. We believe in creating a digital marketing plan that is unique to your business, and we work with you to ensure that it aligns with your goals. Our strategy and consulting services are the first step in determining your marketing plan.


Research And Analysis

The moment you contact us, we start the process of learning about your business and your goals. Everything that means something to you, means something to us.

We first gather actionable information about your business – your goals, how you define leads and conversions, and what services, products or information you hope to promote. Using your business’s objectives, we can offer actionable insights and solutions to improve your website and your overall strategy.


Content and Crafting Your Strategy

Everything we discuss is reviewed by a certified digital marketing consultant, who will set up a free 20-minute consultation to answer your most pressing questions like:

  • What digital marketing services are right for my business?
  • Is my website conversion-friendly?
  • How long will it take to optimize my rankings?
  • How obtainable is it to rank for certain keywords?

Combining your insights and our expertise, we are able to craft your digital marketing strategy. We use best practices in web design, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), content marketing, social media and more in order to increase traffic and conversions. We create a plan that produces a high ROI for your business and works to achieve your objectives.

Get Your strategy to reach the top!

With just a little information from you, our team of strategists will start working on your new advertising strategy!

Build Traffic To Your Website

We’ll base our strategy on your business, industry and ideal targets using the right mix of:

  • SEO

    Search engine optimization strategies start with an audit to find where your website can be optimized and improved. Then we look for valuable keywords that will get you the traffic you need to succeed. We analyze performance and continually make improvements.

  • Content Marketing

    Content creation is the honey that attracts the bees to your business. It helps establish the context of your site as well as provide visitors with valuable information about your products and services, which will help your rankings.

  • Local SEO

    Searching “near me” has become the norm for customers to find what they need. By including a local SEO strategy, you pop to the top ranking when people search for your services from a location near you. Beat out the local competition by being the first company to come into view.

  • Social Media

    Build brand awareness and establish yourself as the go-to company in your industry. With regular posting on social media, you can engage your customers and build an online presence.

Gain Quality Leads

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any business. Our marketing strategies consider every aspect of your business to generate leads, including:

  • PPC

    Pay-per-click advertising is the best and fastest route to reach your marketing goals. With the right strategy, your ads can reach the top rankings, cancelling out your competitors’ SEO efforts. Rise to the top, and watch the leads roll in.

  • Social Media Advertising

    Get in front of the right people at the right time, on whatever platform they may be on, without fail. If your business is of interest to a lead, your ads appear right in their sight lines on social media.

  • Marketing Automation

    Be available 24/7 with a powerful marketing tool that automatically follows leads through their customer journey. From the first point of contact, marketing automation provides the ideal information that helps ease leads closer to conversion. Find higher quality leads while building customer loyalty.

Design To Be The Best

Custom designs that appeal to your target allow you to maintain your brand essence while resonating with your customers. We can assist with all aspects of online design, including:

  • Responsive Website Design

    Impress every visitor with professional responsive web design that reflects your brand and improves user experience, no matter what device they use.

  • Infographics

    Get information across in a creative and digestible form. Infographics are shareable content that’s engaging while also helping to build your online presence.

  • Videos

    Videos offer quick, consumable content that your visitors will love. You improve SEO while enticing visitors to quickly convert.

  • Conversion Optimization

    Make sure your visitors best understand your services and have the opportunity to convert at prime locations on your website.

Measure Your Success

We pride ourselves in offering measurable digital marketing strategies. Along with a dedicated account manager, our proprietary measurement and lead management tool AdLuge to help you:

  • Get the data needed to accurately measure your marketing campaign success
  • Effectively manage leads through the sales cycle
  • Find reports and analysis to better understand your performance and areas to grow
  • Compare rankings with competitors to always know where you stand
  • Use proven results to improve your marketing strategy both digitally and traditionally

We’re here to offer a free consultation to kick off what could be the start of a beautiful partnership. Can you really afford to miss out on what could prove to be the best marketing opportunity for your business? Reach out today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does my business need digital marketing?

    This is the best way to reach your ideal audience using measurable tactics that are also cost-effective. It allows you to:

    • Interact with prospects in the most engaging ways
    • Learn what prospects need
    • Reach your local customers
    • Save money on expensive traditional marketing
    • Follow leads along their customer journey to anticipate their changing needs
    • Effortlessly qualify leads and complete your lead response process
  • What are the benefits of working with an internet marketing agency?

    We offer an entire dedicated team with marketing expertise in your industry, with budget-friendly, effective, measurable marketing solutions. By working with TechWyse, you can improve qualified leads through marketing automation and free up time for your team to focus on business priorities.

    Our team of experts give objective advice that keeps your marketing strategy in perspective while reducing costly mistakes. Get affordable access to the latest in digital marketing technology and proven tactics, along with precise analytical reporting to ensure your marketing spend is always optimized.

  • What happens after I sign up with TechWyse?

    You’ll be assigned a project manager who will manage your initial setup until its completion. Our Ultimate Measurement clients are then assigned their dedicated account manager who will oversee the account and services. Your account manager will share monthly reporting and strategize ways to improve your marketing plan.

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