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Marketing Automation

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Imagine a Scenario


This is one small example of how marketing automation can be used to generate leads within the Mortgage industry.
Smart marketers across industries and business sizes use marketing automation to

  • Ensure a constant flow of high quality leads
  • Get better sales
  • Build customer loyalty

What is Marketing Automation?

Why You Need Marketing Automation

How Does Marketing Automation Work?

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Of what marketing automation can do for your business

Marketing Automation Services

Email Marketing Automation

Whether you are a startup or a large business, email marketing automation is vital.

We can develop a series of drip campaigns to welcome campaigns to recurring email newsletters with industry-leading deliverability. Get empowered with a suite of email automation campaigns to ensure you send the right email at the right time.

Broadcasted Emails

Targeted Emails

Email Autoresponders

Automated Blog Digest

Triggered Emails

Email Funnel

Scheduled Emails

Drip Emails

SMS Automation

Automated text message allows you to reach your customers in a fast and effective way.

Text messaging is a reliable and cost-effective way of directly communicating with consumers. With SMS automation, you can increase customer experience by creating and scheduling a message to send to a defined audience.

Text Autoresponders

Follow-up via SMS

SMS Drip Campaign

Personalized Text Messages

SMS Marketing

Subscription Management via SMS

Website Message Automation

Inform and guide your website visitors at the time they are most engaged and are ready to make a purchase.

Website messaging is a great way to share timely, valuable and specific updates to your website visitors, such as promotions, announcements, and discounts.

Visitor Targeting

CTA funnels

Human Touch

Lead Quality Automation

One of the biggest marketing challenges is identifying quality leads that convert. Our lead scoring system ranks your leads against a scale that represents their perceived value. It then assigns them a specific score based on their specific actions.

The automated lead scoring system re-adjusts the lead score depending on their website engagement levels. This informs you if a lead acquired last month is still interested in your product or service.

Automate Your Lead Funnel

Organize and Prioritize Leads

Customize Your Lead Scores

Omni Channel Brand Experience Automation

Would you like to learn how all of this can come together for your business?

Marketing Automation: The TechWyse Way


  • Will marketing automation benefit my business?
    • Yes.

      Imagine a marketing team working 24/7 to attract prospects, communicate with customers and build brand loyalty… without you having to manage them all the time.

      Thats' what Marketing automation will do for you… at a fraction of the cost.

      A recent study revealed that marketing automation on average drives upto 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overheads.

  • When should I start using marketing automation for my business?
    • Over 79% of high-performing companies in North America rely on marketing automation to attract sales. This encompasses businesses of all sizes across almost all industries.

      The ideal time therefore is now, irrespective of where your business is in terms of age or size or industry.

  • Marketing automation seems complicated and confusing. Will it work for me?
    • Marketing automation has evolved rapidly in recent years making it very easy to setup and use. With smart back-end technology integration systems, marketing automation can now be plugged into your business irrespective of the platform, technology or tools that you currently use.

      Moreover, we recognize that today’s consumer is on the move and has very limited time to engage with your brand. Thats’ why our implementation process ensures that you reach your prospects and customers across multiple devices no matter where they are.

      In other words, we at TechWyse will make sure that marketing automation works for you.

  • Marketing automation seems expensive; will I be able to afford it?
    • Yes.

      We tailor our marketing automation solutions to your budget and business needs. This means we can always start with simple yet powerful automation processes that you need today; and gradually widen the scope as your business grows.

  • Implementing marketing automation seems very time consuming. What do I do?
    • The harder part is getting to the nitty gritty of your marketing and sales processes, and fully understanding your buyer personas. Once thats’ done… the actual implementation can be done in weeks or even days.

      Our speciality is not just setting up the marketing automation system, but also constantly analyzing various data points. This helps us constantly tweak our automation process to deliver results at all times.