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Online Reputation Management

Are Negative Search Results Affecting Your Business?

What comes up when someone searches for you? Take control of your search results!

Managing and shaping an online reputation is no easy task. Especially if your company has had some negative press or exposure, or is suffering from a large amount of negative online reviews affecting your business' name.

TechWyse is one of Toronto's most experienced agencies for online Reputation Management. With Internet marketing experience dating back to 2001, understanding how to control search results is a valuable ability.

Online Reputation Management

The Challenge

Unfortunately it's not so easy to remove negative content from the internet. After all, isn't the Internet supposed to be democratic?

Instead, TechWyse will focus on creating positive, valuable content about your company, and work on getting it ranked above any negative material.

Positive Reputation Management

The Strategy

Have our experienced staff of writers and search engine optimizers work for you! We will work to push down negative search results from the first page of Google by creating positive and neutral content to get ranked in it's place. Creating more content for google find when someone searches for your name is the first step in taking control of your online reputation.

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