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Attract Customers To Your Business With Off Page SEO Strategies

Search Engine Optimization June 19th, 2013



If one of your business goals for this year is to improve traffic to your website then consider off page SEO. These strategies are designed to increase the conversion rate of clicks to sales. Off page SEO involves anything that links to your business that is not located directly on your main website. It’s not only about producing great content on your site, but it’s also how you get people there! This can include articles, blogs, videos, photos, and social media postings.

Many Internet users become familiar with a business after clicking on a link located within a related blog, a page on Facebook, or a retweet on Twitter. Having a stellar website design just isn’t cutting it anymore. Businesses need to market their products and services that are outside of the site in order to attract traffic.

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Blogs and Blog Commenting

One strategy for small businesses is to write guest posts on industry-related blogs. Whether you operate your own natural snack food company or specialize in wedding photography, writing blog posts for well-known industry blogs is great off page SEO. Writing guest posts allows you to brand yourself as an expert in your field. Through these posts you can create backlinks to your website!

An SEO company can help you manage blog comments that create backlinks. By commenting on reputable blogs with useful comments, you can create links to your website that other followers of the blog will see when reading blog posts. You can also include a link to blog posts that you or your team has written. This highlights your credibility, ultimately helping to brand your business. This also creates trust among the online community, ensuring that you’re not just spamming related blogs.

Photo Sharing Marketing

Photo apps make it easy to share photos quickly. With fun apps like Instagram and Instacollage, you can use images as a form of off page SEO. Images are fun and interesting. So create a fan base of people who love viewing photos of your products or services. These are the people who want to see what you’ve been doing with the business, so update often! The ability to link photo sharing apps to social media networks like Twitter and Facebook means that all of your followers see your photos almost instantaneously. Hashtag trends and backlinks allow you to snap photos and tag them for others to find during a search. This type of marketing is great for businesses! Visual content as proven to drive better engagements with various audiences than plain text. It’s also less time consuming than writing articles, take advantage of it.

Social Media Networking

The biggest way to attract prospective clients is through social media outlets. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ allow you to connect with potential clients. The ability to have information available 24/7 makes social networking a great way to reach customers! You can interact with people, while marketing your business in a fun and unique way. Managing social networks takes time and effort. Thus, many business owners rely on SEO companies to help them develop successful social media sites.

With a few strategic marketing endeavors, you should be able to reach all of your business goals this year. Good luck… and don’t forget to be creative!

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Marie Furman is a passionate entrepreneur, addicted to online marketing. At MDesign Media, she eats & breathes web design, indulges in Google talk, SEO, and social media trends that help promote businesses in the Tampa Bay area.

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Attract Customers To Your Business With Off Page SEO Strategies

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