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How to Avoid Website Mistakes that Scare Visitors Away

Website Design January 21st, 2008


Common Website Mistakes While Designing

Go ahead and build a navigable site, but do not increase the file size in doing so. The most popular and important pages should be fast and easy for the visitor to access. Having direct links to all your sub-pages from the main or Home page reduces the amount of clicking required to access pages. Ensure that every page has links back to your Home page. Visitors may be irritated if unwanted animations are placed on the page. Ensure you're your pages are clutter-free. These are primary examples of website mistakes made by the majority of webmasters at one time or another.

Physically challenged visitors should also be able to utilize your web site. Visually challenged visitors should be provided with speech synthesizers and font sizes and colors as well as making sure that all images are alt (alternate text) tagged. Speech synthesizers can't read images – they read only text. Only if the ALT tag code is included can they read text displayed as images.

Avoid Senseless Website Design Mistakes

The KISS (Keep it Simple Silly) Method

Design a simple, comprehensive main page that can be downloaded quickly which does not confuse your visitor. Do not use Multi-column pages cluttered with images and links. Your website should be attractive and artistically pleasing. Content should be brief and to the point to allow visitors simplicity of navigation and encourage them to visit the site again. Beware of duplicating content and over excessive keyword usage. Visitors may be annoyed if they have to wade and scroll through long and dull text. Short and imaginative pages are the most interesting, ones that communicate a visual message. Your visitors will appreciate the time you have taken to communicate clearly with highly descriptive graphics compared to the 20 mile long sales page. Presentation of the main and central theme should be clear and concise.

So Many Possible Web Site Mistakes?

Fonts and Readability

Your web pages should be simple, clear and should be easily read. Stylish font colors and backgrounds, which are not clear for reading, should not be used. Fonts play an important role while designing content. An apt choice of font can make your site more attractive and readable. You should be really careful before going for a specific font and consider using 2 fonts, one for content and one for headings.

Common HTML Website Mistakes

While coding in HTML you should always check the version you are using. If you use a specific version then it might not work in all browsers. Make sure that all versions work while viewing your page. Be clear while using abbreviations. Acronyms should be specified when they initially appear.

Visitors may not be familiar with embedded interfaces like applets; plugins, etc. When inserting them, ensure that proper user guidelines for these interfaces are provided in the web content. CSS (Cascade style sheet) can be used to update your site intermittently. CSS saves you a lot of time and this affects shorter download time to your web page. In order to get an inside look at what your visitors are capable of viewing you can refer to weblog applications such as AWSTATS or Google Analytics https://techwyse.com/blog/website-analytics/the-importance-of-web-analytics/

Top Official Bloopers that Visitors Do Not Like

Some users find Pop-ups irritating. They tend to take their attention away from the main topic and often scream a message too loudly. Go easy with Pop-ups and refrain from website mistakes that are annoying your precious visitors. Advertisements, promotions, or simple information come under these guest windows as Pop-ups. Try to design Pop-ups and hyperlinks in a proper manner so as to not distract the visitor.

Some Common Website Mistakes Found in Websites that Should be Rectified:

  1. Hit Counters that display visitor statistics are unproductive. These do not present the actual number of visitors.
  2. Special Effects and Applets, music or video played without warning may distract the visitor's concentration. Options to start and stop the player should be provided in these cases.
  3. Do not disable the Right Click option – right click provides important functions, such as copy, bookmark, back, forward, print, and refresh.
  4. Web Browser Choice: A disclaimer statement showing that the page can be viewed best on a specific browser appears on some websites. Horizontal Scrolling should be avoided as it makes it difficult to read the content in the page. The visitor may get irritated and leave the site.
  5. Offering Free Email Address facilities for website or business correspondence can damage your website credibility. Business domain web services should be used for business correspondence.

Finally, make a rough layout before the design and development of your website. On finalizing, test your website before implementing it on the web. This helps in identifying problems that your users may face.

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How to Avoid Website Mistakes that Scare Visitors Away

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