Creative Web Design AI Tools That Will Help With Your SEO in 2023

Creative Web Design AI Tools That Will Help With Your SEO in 2023

AI tools are getting popular and playing a significant role in boosting SEO efforts. A well-designed website can positively impact potential customers by creating a favourable impression. Additionally, it enables you to cultivate leads and increase your conversion rates. 

The most crucial aspect is that it provides a pleasant user experience, allowing visitors to easily access and navigate your site. You need to ensure Google's algorithm favours your website; hence, it must be optimized for SEO while being user-friendly. Google now considers user experience-related metrics for SERPs, emphasizing the significance of a user-friendly website.

AI tools are mainly used to improve user experience and website usability. At the same time, when designing a website, we must consider many other factors for a better user experience and usability, namely SEO and UX. SEO will drive users to your website, and UX will support the usability and help keep those users on your website, boosting your website's conversion rate. 

AI tools are a valuable addition to designers, enabling them to craft highly effective and optimal versions of their designs. You can take advantage of artificial intelligence tools to improve the quality of your website design efforts. Let's see how some of the most effective AI-based design tools can enhance your website's usability and SEO.

AI-generated Videos For Your Website 

Videos are good for SEO, especially explainer videos, and will boost your online presence and help catch your audience’s attention. Recent studies have shown that they can hold viewers’ attention for 70% of the total video length. Videos also contribute to other metrics we know Google considers for search engine quality and ranking. 

Two of the most important metrics for SEO are the time users spend on your page or site and the number of backlinks to your domain. The presence of videos invariably tends to improve both numbers. Adding explainer/brand videos will also boost conversion. 

There are many online AI video-making tools available on the internet.  When using these tools, all you have to do is enter some text, and it will produce amazing, stunning videos in no time. You don't even need video editing experience or knowledge of any tools. 

Here are three interesting AI tools for video generation: 


When creating explainer videos, it’s important to make sure they are between 60 to 90 seconds long. If your explainer video is too lengthy, you risk losing your audience before they complete watching the video, and they’ll miss your call-to-action. You can use an explainer video creator, like Steve.AI, to easily control the length of videos while making them.

Source: Steve.AI


There are many online tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to create videos, including Kapwing. AI video tools usually give simple instructions to type out a topic or idea in the input text box, and in turn, the AI will instantly generate a video for you automatically. Kapwing is great for creating videos with AI because it has a free AI video generator that allows you to edit all the footage in one place.

Source: Kapwing

DeepBrain AI

The Deepbrain AI tool can create AI-generated videos using basic text quickly and easily. Just prepare your script and use the Text-to-Speech feature to receive your first AI video in less than 5 minutes.

Source: DeepBrain AI

AI-supported Images Will Increase Your SEO Ranking

We all know that graphic images and photographs will make any content on your website appear interesting and attractive,  helping readers understand and digest it better. Additionally, pictures add value to your SEO efforts by increasing user engagement and accessibility to your website. 

Furthermore, Google can read what's inside your images. Both Google's AI and its algorithm are very smart and powerful. In fact, Google uses alt text, computer vision algorithms, and page content to understand the image's subject. Here, let us share a few interesting AI tools for image generation. 

Try these AI tools for your image creation requirements, and it will make your job easier and more flexible: 


DALL·E 2 is arguably the most prominent name in AI image generators, and for good reason. It was the first AI-powered image generator that was good enough to create engaging images. Those who intend to use it to generate bulk ideas must purchase additional credits. However, casual users who only want to use the tool once in a while will find that the allotted free credits are enough for each month.

Source: DALL·E 2


DreamStudio is a productive AI text-to-image web app created by Stable Diffusion. It’s identical to DALL-E2. Additionally, credits are needed to use DreamStudio or the API. All new users are granted 25 free credits upon creating an account.

Source: DreamStudio


Midjourney produces the best-looking AI-generated images. Interacting with its online community is also great way to get inspiration. However, you can only use the Midjourney platform through Discord, and all the ideas you generate are publicly visible. As of right now, it's a premium platform.

Source: Midjourney

AI Image Compression Tools

AI image compression tools help many websites improve their performance. It can refine the overall user experience and SEO by decreasing page loading speed. If your page loads faster, you can increase your organic traffic from search engines. The smaller file size will support faster page loading times as well. 

An image compressor allows you to compress images effortlessly while retaining great quality. In the past, we needed to manually compress images in Photoshop or some other bulk image compression software. But now,  you can use AI tools to save time and retain picture quality, helping boost your website's SEO ranking. 

Here are some interesting AI tools for image compression:


An industry-standard AI compression algorithm maximizes photo compression and reduces distortion for the best balance between image quality and file size. That’s where PicWish comes in. Even if the images are compressed to 1/10th of the original size, it won't compromise the quality.

Source: PicWish


With VanceAI, you can effortlessly compress images while retaining excellent quality. If you’re looking to reduce file size in batches, this online image compressor is your best choice for compressing JPEG, PNG, and more. It can even compress images by 80%. The reduction of image size boosts the speed of the website and helps improve SEO.

Source: VanceAI uses AI-powered algorithms to lower the size of images while maintaining visual quality. It offers compression options, including lossy and lossless, and supports popular image formats. is a powerful, ultra-fast image optimizer and compressor with best-in-class algorithms.


Use AI Website Heatmap Tools to Check UX

We can use different AI-based heatmap tools to improve the user experience and increase CRO-based conversion rates. AI tools can predict visitor behaviour based on your web design, and you can build your site confidently after checking the result. 

Heatmap AI tools are powerful tools that use machine learning algorithms to analyze user behaviour on your website or application. It can even record a user's session on your site to see their behaviour and help guide your SEO and web design strategy. 

Heatmap tools help you understand how visitors behave on your website pages and where they click, how far they scroll on the page, what areas users notice, or even particular areas they tend to ignore. By understanding all aspects, we can improve certain website sections, and the result will dramatically change the conversion rate and website usability. 

Here are a few popular AI Heatmap tools that you can consider: 

Attention Insight

Attention Insight's predictive attention heatmaps show potential performance issues during the design phase. Get critical performance feedback on your concepts before you launch them. That way, you can ensure your ideas perform better the second you publish them.

Source: Attention Insight


As an insight platform, AI Visual-Eyes simulates eye-tracking studies and preference tests with 93% accurate predictive technology. When you have this tool under your belt, it will help boost your website’s conversion like never before.

Source: Visual-Eyes

Neurons is a consumer neuroscience company using neuroscience tools to better understand and improve the consumer experience. In other words, its methods and metrics are built on the latest approaches and cutting-edge advances in cognitive neuroscience, machine learning, AI, and psychology. As a result, this AI tool can predict human behaviour.

Source: Neuronsinc

The Bottom Line

AI web design improvement tools are improving quickly and transforming how SEO works. AI can help SEO marketers and professionals achieve better results. Even though it can analyze large amounts of data and generate insights and recommendations for SEO strategies and tactics, it still poses challenges and risks. 

Most AI tools are still in their primitive stages. That’s why we strongly recommend seeking the support of a well-established digital marketing agency to understand the benefits of using AI tools. 

According to CompTIA, 35% of all companies are using AI, and 42% are exploring AI for its implementation in the future. 93% of web designers also use an AI tool or technology to assist with web design-related tasks. 

Although AI tools will never fully replace humans and the unique contributions made by designers, they can undoubtedly enhance designers' work by automating repetitive tasks, allowing them to allocate more time toward productivity and creativity. 


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