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We're always looking for passionate people who desire to work with industry experts, build rapport with teams easily and literally buzz with enthusiasm all day long.

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Here are the available positions:

I've been an Account Manager at TechWyse since June, 2015 and I love being here. I work with people who are not only amazing at what they do, but everyone strives for being the best at their job, and doing the best they can for our clients. I love coming into work and knowing that my clients have a dedicated team they can rely on. On a personal side, I've made some wonderful friends at TechWyse, and it’s no doubt that the people here are my second family.

Zunaira Karim Senior Account Manager

I started working at TechWyse in 2017, and can honestly tell you that every day is different and exciting. Coming into work, you know that you won't be repeating the same mundane task over and over again. Here, I have the opportunity to hone in on my photography skills, learn more about SEO and PPC, and work with my best friends. This team is always bringing new ideas to the table, but real growth comes out of developing and building an idea that you truly believe in. At TechWyse, that's what we do.

Anne Booth Social Media & Content Strategist

TechWyse is a place I like to call home! I have been fortunate enough to play many roles in this business, most recently as the Director of Client Services. Each role has its own challenges and rewards. The people, the working environment, and the sense of community within the team is what makes TechWyse special. We truly care about giving a better experience to our clients. TechWyse has allowed me to grow in my professional career in a way that few employers can. There are always new challenges that come up day-to-day, but the beauty of working at TechWyse is in the team's willingness to take on those challenges and keep moving forward!

Tyler Shannon Director of Client Services

TechWyse is an energetic place, full of passionate people! We build our culture around creating a team that wants to make a difference and helping each other learn and grow. We are an agency, we work hard and play hard and ultimately do what it takes to be successful for both our team, and our clients in a competitive, high octane industry that is constantly changing. That's a challenge that we rise to and I am proud of what we, collectively, have achieved through hard work and personal growth and am pleased to have made lifelong friends that have developed successful careers here at TechWyse.

Jon Dyer SVP, Operations

Never go hungry (or thirsty)

At TechWyse, our kitchen is always well-stocked to keep you satisfied from A.M. to P.M., and our weekly Beer N’ Learn means you’ll be able to quench your Friday thirst while learning about the latest movements in digital marketing.

Latest and greatest hardware

We offer the latest technology and equipment to help you perform better at your job. Our office is fully serviced with devices and programs to allow for efficiency and productivity.

Fly like an eagle

When you become an employee of TechWyse, you’ll be learning about Internet marketing from the most experienced team in Canada. Our employees develop their expert knowledge and experience with hands-on training and endless opportunities for growth.

Healthy and happy

We curate a positive work environment where our employees work hard and reap the rewards. We firmly believe that a happy and healthy team make for a successful company, and satisfied clients.