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The Top Traits of Highly Effective Landing Pages

Website Conversion August 27th, 2012


The Internet is flooded with advice about creating effective landing pages. People are hungry for such information because a carefully crafted landing page can mean the difference between amazing success or utter failure. When wading through all of the advice that’s out there, people often become more confused than ever. Designing a landing page doesn’t have to be confusing. The best tips for creating effective landing pages are highlighted below.


In an effort to snare as many customers as possible, people often make their landing pages far too busy. In reality, it’s much better to keep things as clean and simple as possible. Links should be kept to an absolute minimum. Pop-ups should be avoided at all costs. Content should be broken up into easy-to-digest chunks. By scanning quickly over the page, a visitor should know what’s being offered and what he needs to do to get it.


Scams abound online, so people seek immediate reassurance that they are dealing with a trustworthy company. There are several quick and easy ways to build trust. Highly specific customer testimonials go a really long way. Security certificates and badges from organizations like Verisign and the Better Business Bureau are very effective. If press mentions are available, they should be prominently displayed. Guarantees should be put front and center.

A Clear Goal

Before doing anything else, a person should define a goal for his landing page. Each landing page should have a clear, specific goal. The page should be designed to lead people toward accomplishing that goal. Clear calls to action should be featured. They tell people what to do. If visitors are left scratching their heads, they will move on to greener pastures.

Creative Call to Action

Language like “buy now” and “place your order” can be very effective. However, it pays to mix things up a little. It’s smart to play around with the wording of a call to action from time to time. Making it specific to the product or service that’s being offered is sometimes all that is needed to spur people to take action. Calls to action can be included next to brightly colored buttons, or they can be included in the design of those buttons. It is smart to experiment with as many different designs as possible.

Important Content above the Fold

After arriving on a landing page, a person needs to be presented with all of the most important information immediately. If visitors have to scroll down to figure out what’s being offered or to take action, the landing page is doomed to failure. It is still okay to place additional content below the fold, but a visitor shouldn’t have to scroll down to figure out what he needs to do.

Ongoing Testing

Even if every last useful piece of advice is used to create a landing page, the page should be tested continually. White Chalk Road an Online Marketing Agency in Perth believes A/B testing is underutilized from online businesses. “Whenever possible we will split test. It might be text colour, size or even font, making slight changes to your landing page can make huge differences in conversions”. At the absolute least, A/B tests should be used to see how a page is faring. Another option is to create two versions of a landing page and to give each one the same goal. Which one performs better? By continually testing a landing page and making adjustments as necessary, ongoing success will be a lot more likely.

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The Top Traits of Highly Effective Landing Pages

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