How to Improve Conversion Rates With Landing Page Optimization?

How to Improve Conversion Rates With Landing Page Optimization

Designing a landing page with a high conversion rate is quite difficult; however, it's not impossible. A landing page is not like other web pages, here, we must persuade visitors to take a specific action. The objective of a landing page is to convert the visitors into leads or sales.

Here we'll look at some strategies for optimizing landing pages to ensure higher conversion rates.

Pay Attention to the Layout of Your Landing Page

Most of us look at a shopfront and decide whether we have to enter the store or not. In the same way, if the landing page is appealing, we are more likely to explore the rest of the website. Always select a page layout that is simple and attractive, otherwise, visitors will abandon it quickly. The layout of your website should complement your company's website as well as your brand. If possible, avoid ads on landing pages as it may distract the viewers or else position them strategically. It's also crucial to incorporate your company logo on the landing page.

Choose the Right CTA

Each landing page will have a specific goal, such as purchasing a product or service, filling out a form, receiving feedback, downloading an ebook, and so on, therefore the goal of the CTA should be carefully selected. Never forget to provide a color contrast between your CTA button and background; otherwise, your CTA will go unnoticed. In addition, the CTA button should not be too small and should complement the website's layout. If your landing page is too busy, visitors are more likely to overlook CTA.

Importance of Visual Elements

Regardless of how well-written the subtitles are, an appealing image can communicate more effectively than words. Keep these things in mind while choosing pictures:

  • Incorporate images that are appropriate for your products and services.
  • Use high-quality images.
  • Images should be strategically placed in spots where people look often. For example, images can be included between the texts so that we can avoid boredom and make it more interesting for people. You can also seek the help of heat maps for choosing the ideal position.
  • Make sure that images and videos included in the landing page do not slow down the loading process. If the loading time of your website is more than 3 seconds, visitors will bid adieu to your website soon. To learn how to improve the loading time of your landing page, you can use Google PageSpeed Insights.

Focus on Main Title

The first thing people notice when they visit a website is the title. Therefore it must be catchy, concise, and punchy to grab the attention of the audience. For the best results, we must also include a primary and secondary keyword in the title. Colors like green, cyan, and magenta can be used in titles to make them more striking.

Implement Scarcity Marketing Techniques

The scarcity strategy is one of the most common marketing tactics used for boosting conversion rates. Typically, consumers do not purchase a product out of the blue; instead, they thoroughly consider the features before deciding whether or not to purchase. Using phrases such as sale ends soon, only 3 left in stock can evoke a sense of urgency and urge the people to purchase items as soon as possible.

Add Social Proof for More Credibility

Whenever we buy something online, we naturally scroll down and read the product reviews. People are more likely to purchase items that have been recommended by others. Including testimonials, stories, and reviews near the CTA can boost the conversion rate drastically. Unfortunately, many businesses use unreliable testimonials like “super”, “really loved it” etc. These kinds of testimonies are not only brief, but they also appear to be fabricated. The more details we include in the review, the more genuine it appears to others.

Keep an Eye on Form Lengths

According to human psychology, generally, nobody is interested in filling out a lengthy form. If you have forms on your landing page, try to collect only the most essential information from visitors; otherwise, people will abandon your site quickly. Once we have the basic details, such as a visitor's name and email address or their name and phone number, we can contact them directly and collect additional information. In case you have a long field, mark those which are essential to fill.

Avoid  Distractions

According to studies, the average attention span of a human being is estimated at 8 seconds. If we have a lot of unwanted stuff on our landing page, people will easily get distracted, and all of our efforts will be in vain. Some landing pages are cluttered with too many navigation links; such as links to the home page, service page, and contact us page. This seems to be a bad practice and care should be taken to avoid them. On the landing page, do not mention anything other than the offer/service you're promoting. Because too much data could make people confused.

Closing Thoughts

A landing page is an important aspect of any marketing strategy.  A well-optimized landing page can do wonders for your business. If you customize and design your landing page according to the strategies given above, your conversion rate will be increased, and get new leads to your organization. One more thing to keep in mind is that landing page optimization is not something we can do quickly, it is something that has to be done consistently.

To improve conversion rates with landing page optimization, contact us today!

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