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TechWyse Announcing New Full Service Internet Marketing Bundled Plan Called SMART PLAN

Press Releases November 3rd, 2008



Techwyse Internet Marketing - SMART PLAN

TechWyse Releases New Marketing Service Called ‘The Smart Plan’

Toronto, Canada; TechWyse announced today at its Toronto, Canada based headquarters, the formal launch of "THE SMART PLAN". The unique internet marketing service bundles the full breadth of services that are necessary to achieve maximum benefit for companies online today.

The internet marketing "SMART PLAN", bundles all the relevant services found under the important sections; 1. Planning and Development, 2. Website Marketing & Promotion, 3. Measurement & Tracking. "The services provided are relevant to 90% of business that wants to build a flourish with an effective internet marketing strategy," said TechWyse President, DJ Kennedy

The SMART PLAN is unique in that it bundles a collection of many services all at one cost effective price. TechWyse is able to perform such high level work due to its more than 7 years of experience in process building and its vast resources (of now more than 60 people) committed to both the web development and internet marketing industry.

For further details on the SMART PLAN, please visit the following page, https://www.techwyse.com/packages.php or contact our marketing department at marketing@techwyse.com.

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TechWyse Internet Marketing

TechWyse Announcing New Full Service Internet Marketing Bundled Plan Called SMART PLAN

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