TechWyse Provides Unique Tool for Facebook Promoted Posts

TechWyse Provides Unique Tool for Facebook Promoted Posts

Facebook has been busy offering up new ways to advertise to users on their network. One of the most prevalent in the last year has been Promoted Posts, the ability to get a post in the news feeds of a targeted audience, including those who aren't following you. There is a policy to follow, and TechWyse has put together a handy tool to determine whether the images being used in promoted posts meet the 20% text guideline set out by Facebook.

The tool’s logic is based on the outline given in Facebook’s Text Policy, and allows to quickly and easily see if an image will be approved or not.

Virtually any type of post can be promoted; however, there are guidelines to follow to ensure your post gets approved.

Any Promoted Post using an image is required to have less than 20% text within the image. This is a challenge many agencies face, as Promoted Posts can often remain in “Pending” status for up to 48 hours before being declined. This can often throw off an entire campaign schedule.

Any agency or Facebook page manager should check out this time-saving tool!

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