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Is your Facebook Ad getting disapproved or performing poorly? It could very well be a result of Facebook’s scoring system for Ads.

Previously, posts were disapproved due to Facebook’s 20% text rule, but now this has changed. Facebook has removed the rule, giving advertisers more flexibility with text, but this does not guarantee that your text-heavy ads will perform.

Facebook encourages advertisers to continue best practices and our handy tool can help ensure that your Ads meet Facebook’s text policy guidelines!


Facebook Text Overlay Tool For Advertisers

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What is Facebook’s 20% Text Rule?

As an advertiser, it is wise to stay updated with the changes and upcoming rules to ensure the Ads that you plan to run do not go to waste.

Facebook had a 20% text rule which required the advertisers to run ads that were within the guidelines; recommending 20% text to image ratio.

However, this 20% rule implies the texts on image ads and not texts outside the images such as description and other info.

The motive behind Facebook’s 20% rule was to ensure and improve the user experience. Users tend to look away from images that are crowded with texts. After several updates, Facebook introduced the rule in order to maximize the user experience along with ensuring that the Ads perform better in favor of the users.

Origin of Facebook 20% Rule

It dates back to when user experience was the primary motive for every platform. Similar to any other platform, the main motive behind this rule and several others is to improve from bitter to better user experience. In order to keep their users to stay in the app for a prolonged period of time and not switch to other platforms, Facebook keeps bringing about new additional updates and features to improve and increase user experience.

For a while before the Facebook 20% text rule was introduced, the platform kept getting feedback from the users community about how Ads with stuffed or crowded texts are making it sloppy in their feed. This was taken into consideration rather seriously and Facebook decided to adopt appropriate methods to eradicate the messy and noisy feed experience.

There it was introduced, the Facebook 20% Rule!

Even though image ads consist of texts within the graphic, the rule specifically limited Facebook text to image ratio. The texts on image ads limiting to 20% had the impression of better user experience.

According to Facebook’s Old 20% Text Rule

Facebook advertisers were to run ads with images comprising texts of not more than 20% text in the image. Text in product shots does not count towards the 20% limit for an image.

The latest update on Facebook’s ad policy waives the 20% text limit on ad images. Facebook continually strives to improve the quality of the ads that appear on its platform and update its ad policy to maximize value for people and businesses.

New Facebook Ad Policy:

The new ad policy allows advertisers to promote their posts even if the text limit crosses the 20% rule.

However, this doesn’t mean that text-heavy images will perform well. Facebook still encourages advertisers to abide by the 20% text rule.

Facebook says that images with 20% or less text will generally perform better.

Facebook used to have a text overlay tool in which you could upload the image to check if the ad met the specified guidelines and if it was qualified enough to run.

(Deprecated Facebook URL which existed until Sep 2020. Source:- Web Archive)

After uploading the ad image on their tool, you can see on site whether your ad will be rejected because of the exceeded limit over 20%.

Facebook renewed the rule and started accepting ads even after the limit was exceeded but had the setback of lower audience reach, meaning fewer people will see what you posted.

“The change took place back in September 2020 and Facebook directly communicated the same to its advertisers informing them about the change of “Facebook is killing its <20% text in image rule for ads.”

This tool has been removed after the recent change.

But don’t worry! Our Facebook text overlay tool is still available here to help your social media marketing team maintain ad quality.

Exceptions to the 20% Rule

Although the restriction has been lifted, there are certain categories in which these rules don’t technically apply:

  • Infographics
  • Comics/Cartoons
  • Book Covers
  • Disclaimers (Legal)
  • Posters for events
  • Apps and software screenshots

Ads with the above mentioned categorized ads do not require to follow the 20% guideline set by Facebook.

Importance of Text on Facebook Ad Images

Before creating an ad, it is important for the advertisers to keep in mind on how people will interact after seeing that specific post. Ensure to create an ad that is eye-catching by adding attractive colors, designs and shapes which forces the users to pause on scrolling the newsfeed and click on the ad.

Texts do play an important role in ads. Stuffing or adding too much text can make a negative impact on the image itself causing the users to neglect the specified post. Making the text short and meaningful creates an impression on Facebook users.

Using images that are never used before that depicts an ad but not exactly as a promotion has an advantage for users to click on the same. Ads with a natural feel can make it much more interesting for the users thereby making them stay on the post leading to increase in user engagement inturn leading to higher conversion rate.

Ad with adequate text overlay

One of the best means when creating an ad is either to use no text or a little text which includes three or four words.

Graphics in ads with these texts can be more easy to blend in that can catch a users eye when he/she scrolls in the newsfeed creating an impression among your target audience.

The only setback to the image is that it has only 4% text and will not share much information about the ad itself. The users will have to read the description or other following information provided below the ad to properly understand what it really is about.

Ad with medium text overlay

In this type of image, the text in the image is about 12% which still covers within the 20% rule of Facebook.

This type of ad can make the user understand what the ad is about and what it offers. It can include two lines of texts in the image.

Ad with high text overlay

This is something that neither Facebook nor the user ever want to see or notice. The text in the image can go upto 44% that is way above the mentioned limit.

These types of ads make the user’s head turn away while popping up in the newsfeed.

Best Practices for Facebook Text Overlay

Now that you understand how different ads can turn out to be and how to create the ideal ad, let us see how to use these methods in creating the best ad for yourself.

The 20% rule is just set forth by Facebook to ensure the ad is reached to the specified target audience.

Following some practices for overlaying text on your Facebook ads if you plan to add text to your images.

Select the correct font size.

Deciding on what font size to go with is important when it comes to adding text on your image.

It is important to stay between smaller and bigger font sizes which can reduce your text to image ratio and exceed the 20% rule respectively.

Making the words too small is also a much bigger problem that can make the users to view only by squinting.

The use of font size can differ according to the image size even if you decide on using a heading or a whole sentence. If you are going for headings try limiting within 42 pixels and 24 pixels when it comes to sentences.

Restrict to a single line of text.

When it comes to creating an ad, ensure to create an ad with a single sentence or text so that users can easily understand. If they want to know more about it, relevant information can be provided within the description part that will be shown below the ad itself.

If you go for a heading, construct it in a way that will make the users compel to click on the link. Use call-to-actions, offers, coupons or discount offers.

Choose striking, relevant text.

Keep in mind when adding an overlay text to your Facebook ad to include the text that will attract the user to the point of the ad and motivate themselves to click on the particular link.

Add text in the image that in a way will push the users to read more about the ad in the description provided.

Use our online text overlay tool to see your text-to-image ratio.

As we mentioned earlier, Facebook’s overlay tool is no longer valid. Check your image to run your ad with our Facebook text overlay tool.

To use the tool, Upload the image and select the squares of the texts on the image which will show the percent of text to image ratio which relatively has to be below 20%.

This can allow you to understand whether you have added too much text in your image and make relevant changes.

Align text with the help of grids.

Using grids can be an ideal option to allow yourself to align the texts in your image to ensure that you don’t take too many boxes. Using Canva can be the best option. To find the grid, go to Elements > Grid and select or scroll.

Aligning your text can help you determine that your ad follows the 20% rule as the texts on the image should not go beyond four boxes or squares.

Sample from our Facebook Overlay Tool

Let us show you an example of how an overlay text on an fb ad is supposed to be:

1. Correct

In the below example, the overlay text is perfect, abiding by the 20% rule of Facebook. Check your image with our Facebook text overlay now!

2. Incorrect

In the below example, the above image is filled with texts that contribute to an ad with high text overlay

Frequently Asked Facebook Text Overlay Tool Questions

  • What is a text overlay ?

    Adding a text on an image or within an image is a text overlay.

  • What is the Facebook overlay tool?

    Facebook text overlay tool is a tool for advertisers to ensure the texts are limited to not more than 20%.

  • What is Text to Image Ratio?

    Text to image ratio is the text that you have within the image. Ideal text to image ratio is 80/20.

  • How do you use a text overlay tool?

    Upload the image in a text overlay tool, select the squares of texts in your image and confirm the percent of texts in your image.

  • What happened to native FaceBook text overlay tool?

    By introducing new updates to improve user experience, Facebook removed the text overlay tool allowing advertisers to exceed the 20% rule limit.

  • Did Facebook get rid of the 20% text rule?

    In light of the recent changes, Facebook removed the 20% rule and text overlay tool allowing it to run ads exceeding the 20% rule.

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