TechWyse CEO and Digital Marketing Expert Marks 20th Anniversary on the Joel Matlin Entrepreneur Show

Techwyse CEO and Digital Marketing Expert Marks 20th Anniversary on the Joel Matlin Entrepreneur Show

Toronto, ON Canada [June, 2021] – TechWyse’s CEO, DJ Kennedy, will appear on the popular Toronto 640 radio show The Joel Matlin Entrepreneur Show to share his experiences in the digital marketing industry. Over the past two decades, Kennedy has headed up Toronto’s leading digital marketing agency, TechWyse Internet Marketing, servicing small businesses across Canada.

Kennedy and Entrepreneurial Hour host, Joel Matlin, discuss how TechWyse entered the market at the right time and has enjoyed growth since 2001. This retrospective explores his humble beginnings and how Kennedy expanded his team to over 150 digital marketing experts. His instinctive business savviness allowed his company to meet the changing needs of this volatile industry.

Listeners have the opportunity to get an inside look at the machinations of a small business’s success in the highly competitive digital marketing landscape. Strategic insights show how Kennedy guided his business through the often discouraging climate of the digital world. His strategy to keep up with changing trends allowed him to adapt services and be the first to service digital channels, such as the social media and content creation niche. By remaining proactive, Kennedy shares how he embraced these growth opportunities before the market expanded and became too competitive to penetrate.

Kennedy also opens up about the struggles presented by COVID-19 and how TechWyse has managed to hold onto its position despite growing competition in these highly volatile times. Sharing how the company prevailed despite many of its clients facing unheard of challenges, offers a glimpse into the strategic mind behind the company’s success. Learning quickly how COVID-19 changed marketing trends, Kennedy watched as it opened opportunities, allowing him to meet the changing needs of his financially strained clients.

Looking forward, the interview covers upcoming trends to help business owners understand where they should focus their marketing efforts. Sharing his own experiences as a small business owner, Kennedy discusses what he has found to be proven key factors to success for new small business owners.

This must-listen interview airs live on Sunday, June 13th, 2021, at 5pm.

About TechWyse: TechWyse was founded in 2001 by CEO DJ Kennedy. Since then, the team of digital marketing experts specializes in offering digital marketing strategies for small to medium business owners. They have expanded to include both on-page and off-page strategies with a team of over 150 content and digital marketing experts. Their goal is to help their clients reach the first page on Google, working around the clock to provide superior SEO strategies that gain and maintain momentum. Their services are available to small businesses across Canada and across all industries. They increase brand visibility with customized marketing strategies to generate organic traffic through highly targeted content and advanced SEO methods.

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