This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 03 10

This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 03 10

This Week in Internet Marketing, we're looking at Google's recent announcement on favouring mobile-friendly websites in search results and how Google will be looking at ways to rank sites based on accuracy. We're also looking at simple tests to turn your mobile shoppers into customers, why your business should start investing $10 per week on Facebook advertising, and the keys to small business success.

April 21 2015: Google to Rank Mobile-Friendly Websites Higher!


Google recently announced that mobile-friendliness will become a ranking signal in Google's search results. With mobile search sky rocketing, mobile users prefer mobile-friendly web pages for better experience. Google warns that websites that are not mobile-friendly can see a drop in their search results starting April 21st, 2015. Check out this article to see how the new Google Algorithm update will affect you.

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Google Is Looking Into Ways To Rank Sites Based On Accuracy Of Information


According to a report, Google wants to rank websites based on facts. The idea is to cross-reference a website's content with facts stored in the Google Knowledge Vault. The website is then provided with a score called Knowledge-Based Trust score. Therefore, websites that are more trustworthy would rank higher in search results. However, this is still being tested by Google and there are many concerns to it. Take a look at the article to learn more about this potential signal for Google's search results.

Turn Mobile Shoppers into Customers with These 10 Simple Tests 


Despite mobile search sky rocketing, mobile converts at only 1/3 rate of desktop. This means that users are mainly using their mobile devices as a browse or research platform, as opposed to a purchasing platform. With shoppers increasingly using mobile devices to browse e-commerce sites, your want to leverage this opportunity to turn mobile shoppers into customers. Check out how you can use these simple tests to boost mobile conversions.

10 Reasons Why You Should Spend $10 Per Week on Facebook Advertising


Facebook's organic reach is slowly declining and approximately 41% of Facebook pages lost more than half their organic reach. However, Facebook continues to be a great strategy in bringing web traffic to your business. In fact, Facebook pages and Facebook advertising has huge potential in generating leads and increasing brand awareness. Take a look at why you should invest $10 per week into Facebook.

7 Keys to Small Business Success


It can be difficult sometimes for entrepreneurs to implement a strategy that works for their small business. With so many things to consider for your small business, it can be difficult to find a balance. To create a successful small business, not only should you focus on marketing and customer service, but planning and measuring as well. Check out this article for the keys to achieve success for your small business.

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