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This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 03 24

Internet Marketing March 24th, 2015


This Week in Internet Marketing we’re looking at small changes that can create a strong impact on your search rankings and 7 common mobile SEO mistakes that Google Developer’s often see. We’ll also look at how you can build your Twitter presence, a few things you can learn from powerful PPC landing pages, and insights on why relevance is more important than authority.

5 Subtle Changes That Directly Impact Your Search Rankings


When it comes to ranking your website on search engines, the obvious markers, such as Google Authorship, keywords, and content, should already be in place. However, businesses tend to neglect the small, but powerful changes that can increase website rankings. When you miss these opportunities, such as image optimization, you are risking a lowered position in SERPs. Check out this article for some overlooked changes that can be implemented to help you outrank your competitors.

Google Developers – Avoid 7 Common Mobile SEO Mistakes 


With the upcoming Google Algorithm update, everyone is trying to optimize their website to a mobile-friendly design. When websites are being changed, sometimes specific elements, images, and content aren’t updated along with it. This causes the website’s mobile SEO to decrease significantly. When you’re updating your website, make sure you avoid these common mistakes Google sees on mobile websites!

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The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Twitter Presence


Twitter is a powerful social platform compiled of industry leaders, influencers, your current customers, and prospects. Therefore, building your Twitter presence can help your business gain exposure and increase reach. You need to immerse yourself, connect, and build person-to-person relationships to see results. Check out this guide to build your business’ Twitter presence!

5 Valuable Lessons From Expertly Designed PPC Landing Pages


Increasing your bids and finding negative keywords is only one part of your PPC strategy. When visitors click on your link, you want to have a landing page that can entice them to convert. Your landing page should be simple, straight-forward, easy to navigate, and provide valuable information. Take a look at this article to see how you can create landing pages that will improve your campaigns and boost conversion rates.

Local Experts Say “Relevance” Of Citations More Important Than “Authority”


In a survey conducted by BrightLocal, 71% say quality of citations is more important than quantity because higher authorities are often more beneficial. Thus, the survey suggested that industry and local relevance is more important than domain authority because they give clear signals to search engines. Check out this article to see the change of local search citations.

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Post By Cherry Kwan (83 Posts)

Cherry is a video-game enthusiast with a passion in social media, content marketing, and all things digital.

Website: → TechWyse Internet Marketing


Cherry is a video-game enthusiast with a passion in social media, content marketing, and all things digital.
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This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 03 24

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