This Month: Holiday Season Marketing, Open AI’s Custom GPT and More!

This Month: Holiday Season Marketing, Open AI’s Custom GPT and More!

This November ushered in icy winds and snow flurries, along with rosy cheeks and the occasional sniffles. Retail stores stayed ahead of the game, swapping out Halloween decor with holiday wreaths and miniature Santas as soon as the month started. We also saw the hustle-bustle of shoppers during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, carrying bags loaded with much-anticipated purchases or gifts to be placed under the Christmas tree.

Although the year is quickly drawing to a close, that doesn't mean it's too late to make the most of it. If you're ready to wrap up 2023 on a successful note, you have come to the right place! We have gathered the top marketing insights, trends and updates that will help you stay ahead of competitors and rake in more profit this year and moving forward.

Without further ado, we have put together five highlights we think you should know about. From holiday season marketing to OpenAI's Custom GPT, here’s what happened this month in marketing.

12 holiday campaigns embodying the seasonal spirit of 2023

The holiday season is right around the corner and you know what that means: it’s time to get in the spirit of kickstarting your holiday campaign! 

There’s no denying that brands go over the top for the holiday season. The vast majority of them start releasing limited edition items, holiday bundles and discounts from the beginning of November. However, since we are living in a post-pandemic recession, customers are more reluctant to spend their money frivolously and are turning to budgeting instead. Even though more shoppers are aiming to spend less, that doesn’t mean your business should take a backseat. 

The Marketing Dive shares that brands are testing various approaches to appeal to customers during these financially uncertain times. The blog also provides readers with an insider look at the marketing strategies that billionaire dollar-worth companies, like Amazon, Coke and Target, are using for the holiday season. Whether it’s focusing on human emotion or using AI to create digital experiences, there’s a treasure trove of information you can get inspired from for your own holiday marketing campaign. 

To get all the juicy details right at your fingertips, read the blog here.

Instagram Launches New Creation Tools for Reels and Stories

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If you haven’t already heard, word on the street is that Meta has released a number of new features for Instagram Reels and Stories. We hope you’re excited because these updates will definitely help streamline the content creation process and take your photo/video quality to the next level!

In their latest blog, Social Media Today delves into the new tools on Instagram Stories and Reels that are now ready to use to your liking. The first new function on Instagram is that you can add new English text-to-speech voices along with new text fonts and styles. Next, Meta has also started to dabble in adding clips with audio to Reels via Meta’s GIF “Clip Hub.” This will allow you to add popular content to your photos and videos in a more engaging way.

If you find accessing drafts on Instagram to be a tedious process, you’re in luck. Meta is now trying to make it easier to edit in-progress reels. It also aims to provide a more streamlined view of the drafts, while allowing you to preview, rename, and schedule them in advance. This will definitely be a huge lifesaver for social media managers who have to pump out consistent content.

Do you want to find out the rest of the new tools you can enjoy for Instagram Reels and Stories? Read the blog here.

Is OpenAI’s Custom GPT the Next Frontier?

We’ve all heard about OpenAI’s ChatGPT, but what about the company’s most recent descendant, Custom GPT?

If you have always wanted your own personal ChatGPT, but dreaded the idea of taking gruelling coding courses to create one, you no longer have to worry. According to the Content Marketing Institute, the first developer conference organized by OpenAI announced that anyone can create their own version of ChatGPT. That’s right, the platform offers a no-code way to devise a GPT tailored to your needs and preferences.

Since its inception, many specialists in the content marketing space have been tinkering with Custom GPT. Robert Rose, the Chief Strategy Advisor at Content Marketing Institute, even developed a GPT called Content Marketing Companion, using his own books and classes on content marketing for the learning model. Although the results weren't mindblowing, they were still pretty impressive.

As of now, the tasks conducted by Custom GPT have been fairly simple. But in a competitive industry, how can you use this tool to set yourself apart when it provides such simple uses? What kind of action plan should your marketing team take while leveraging this technology?

To find out how to navigate OpenAI's Custom GPT and drive your business to success, read the blog here.

22 Examples of Nostalgia Marketing that Make Customers Feel Good

Nowadays, we live in a world where modern advertising focuses on highlighting the power of cutting-edge technology. However, when audiences start noticing that most brands are recycling the same "futuristic" content, they might find it unoriginal or repetitive. At the same time, it can prevent consumers from building a solid connection with brands and finding value in their products/services. For this reason, it's crucial to go against the grain and find ways to stand apart from what is considered mainstream—that's where nostalgia marketing comes in.

Nostalgia marketing is a blast from the past that's as comforting as a warm blanket. In their blog, the HubSpot explains that the power of nostalgia marketing lies in its ability to remind us about a simpler time, back when our problems were insignificant. It gives people a sense of meaning and continuity and, in turn, makes them more likely to spend money from their wallets. In fact, the Journal of Consumer Research revealed that nostalgic feelings led participants to be more willing to invest their money in consumer goods and services.

Are you interested in getting a taste of some nostalgic commercials? Well, you're in for a treat because HubSpot's blog rounds up a number of nostalgic ads that are definitely worth seeing. Nintendo, Australia Tourism Board, Spotify and Freia are some of the many modern brands that have invoked beloved characters and scenes from pop culture that will remind you of fond memories from a distant past.

But don't take it from us—see for yourself and check out the blog here.

How To Find The Best SEO Keywords That Win The Customer Over (& Why It’s Important)

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Getting your website in the top search results is no easy feat. You need to invest time and energy into finding the best SEO keywords and use them effectively. As long as you have the right strategy in place, you can watch your brand's name skyrocket past your competitors on the first page of Google. Although, if you fail to do so, all your progress will crash and burn. In that case, what can you do to ensure site optimization?

Search Engine Journal discusses that in the world of SEO, keywords need to fulfill three main objectives: to attract users (your potential clients) with specific search interests, signal to search engines about your content’s topic, and serve as a foundation for good, expert-level content. This demonstrate the importance of keywords because no other ranking factor has the capability to meet these objectives. In order to achieve top-ranking keywords, you need to start by conducting thorough keyword research.

But how can you find the best keywords for your specific site? Take a look at some of the steps recommended by Search Engine Journal below:

  • Fully understand the user’s search intent
  • Find the best keywords
  • Use keywords on your site effectively

To find out the rest of the details on how you can attain top-ranking SEO keywords, click the link here.

Wrap Up

This blog went over how to maximize your holiday campaigns despite the current economic crisis.

Then we went over Meta's new tools for Instagram Stories and Reels.

Next, we learned about OpenAI's latest release, Custom GPT.

After that, we discussed the influence nostalgia marketing has on consumers.

Finally, we went over the steps you should follow to get top-ranking keywords.

Any questions, comments, or concerns? We’d love to hear your feedback! 

We’ll be back next month with five new articles for you. In the meantime, if you’re looking to learn more, please check out our existing blogs that cover various digital marketing topics!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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