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April 21 2015: Google to Rank Mobile-Friendly Websites Higher!

Website Design March 5th, 2015


April 21 Deadline

Google recently announced a major change to their mobile search algorithm. Starting April 21st, 2015, mobile-friendliness will become a ranking signal in Google’s search results.

April 21 Deadline

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According to a Google Webmaster hangout session, John Mueller – Google Webmaster Trends Analys stated that mobile users prefer sites that are mobile-friendly. When website browsing is not efficient, it’s likely that visitors will not return to the site. Google believes that users should get the most relevant and recent results, regardless of their devices.

mobile users

What are the Changes?

In late 2014, Google launched “mobile-friendly” labels in mobile search results. This was an effort to help users identify mobile-friendly websites from those that are not.

Mobile Friendly Label

Traditionally, Google has penalized websites that provided poor search experiences for users. Now, we see that mobile-friendliness will be a very important factor for search rankings come April 21st, 2015. If your site is already mobile-friendly and passes Google’s test, then your businesses should be in good shape.

How Will this Affect You?

We’ve talked about responsive websites and the importance of mobile-friendly designs. Now, Google has decided that mobile-friendly websites provide a better experience for users. In order to remain competitive and keep your ranking positions high on mobile, optimizing your website is a must.

If you’re unsure whether your site is mobile-friendly, it probably is! We have been building mobile-friendly sites for over 5 years. Let us provide you with a competitive quote. Please give us a call at 1-866-410-7090 or email us at april21@techwyse.com. Thanks!

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April 21 2015: Google to Rank Mobile-Friendly Websites Higher!

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