Press Release Marketing In The Online World

Internet Marketing and Internet PR are tools which assist organizations to develop relationships directly with consumers. Internet marketing campaigns offer organizations the ability to deliver targeted messages, to targeted audiences, at a fraction of big-budget advertising costs.

Successful internet marketers design campaigns that are interactive, generating a form of communication that is not about interrupting people and having them listen to one way messaging. It is an outlet to provide content that is highly targeted to consumers who are looking for information, promoting a two-way interactive relationship. Coincidently, this two-way communication is also one of the main objectives in any successful communications campaign.

People no longer go to unsolicited press releases. Consumers look to blogs, Google News, and a company’s media room for information. Transforming pr strategies to make the most of the web-enabled marketplace will ensure that organizations are highly visible online, and in turn will reach a larger audience.

Public relations have always been about reaching your audience, and with the popularity of the internet, the audience is no longer limited by media filtration. With online news releases organizations can communicate directly with millions of targeted consumers.

How to structure your Press Release Campaign

  1. Find a good reason to send news releases as often as possible, with the convenience and affordability of the internet, there is no need to write news releases with just big news in mind.
  2. Instead of targeting a handful of journalist, target your buyers directly. Speak to them, not at them, and encourage two-way communication. Provide a link to a comments page of your site, or to your organizations forum or blog.
  3. Think about optimization, generating targeted traffic, writing news releases that replete keyword rich content.
  4. Place links within releases to deliver traffic to the landing pages of your site.
  5. Add social media tags that allow for information to go viral, reaching a larger audience then you had anticipated.

Most importantly acknowledge that your direct-to-consumer news release strategy can coexist with your organizations existing marketing and communications campaign.

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    Thank you for creating this “how to structure a press release campaign”! I found it very informative especially as I need to learn how a press release should be thought of. I’m going to follow you advice for some of my websites, particularly the one about finding a good reason to release news often.

    My question was: What should I release and would it be too much or too often for my potential reader or existing ones? I need to be thinking about this because it was always a something that has held me back from getting press releases a chance.

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    I don’t think that I realized that information on the internet tends to promote a two way communication. Tammy, thank you for explaining this in your article.

    Nowadays, it is as if after people ask for specific information, they may find a website through an organic listing, an ad in Google or Facebook or a press release for example. This website is supposed to give a solution to respond to the need expressed by the website visitor.

    Social media and the possibility to personalize the information people are exposed to may make the two way communication more empowering for website visitors.

    When you said to “speak to” press release readers instead of “speaking at” them, I found it to be a nice way to show that marketers may need to engage directly with their audience.

    Finally, adding social media tags to a press release is something that I may have to learn. I am not experienced at press releases and your article gave me some tips.


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