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Is Your Company Ready for Corporate Blogging?

Internet Marketing January 22nd, 2007


At a recent search engine marketing seminar I was asked a pointed question by a member of the audience; “As a corporation should my company consider creating a blog?”

Before I answer this question, let me first define what a ‘blog’ is!  A ‘blog’ or ‘weblog’ (its traditional name) is a forum of communication that is usually placed on a website to help inform, educate or create discussion about a given topic. They are powerful because a person can post some information on a topic and (if the owner of the blog allows permission), people can respond and offer comments to the blogs posting.

As you can likely guess, a corporate blog can have quite an impact on your company. Here are some of the reasons a company would want to consider developing a blog. To create better communication between the company and its market. To help clarify information on some of your products and services. To increase knowledge about company information or news releases To write articles about a given corporate topic Of course, one of the biggest byproducts of a company blog is that it will help to improve the overall exposure of your company on the search engines.

Many companies today ask us at our company, www.techwyse.com, how they can improve their rankings and ensure they have better search engine optimization. Well, creating a blog is certainly not only a fantastic way to communicate with your own consumers, but it also helps create more keyword rich content that is all found on your site. What are the risks of having a blog? If you ensure that your blog is implemented properly, there is really none!

By ensuring your permissions are set correctly, you don’t have be concerned about negative comments to a blog In fact you don’t even have to let anyone respond to your posting! The main things you will want to ensure you settle before you post your corporate blog is who is going to take ownership of the blogs writing, and how often can this person (or department) commit to publishing the blog?

A poorly maintained blog with few posts can leave the company looking unprofessional so attention must be paid to ensuring the blog is maintained properly!

There are many blog services available. (many that are free!)






Some corporate blogs of people you may know!

Google’s Official Blog – http://googleblog.blogspot.com/

IBM’s CEO Irving Wladawsky-Berger blog – http://irvingwb.typepad.com/

If you are a corporate type — it might be time to consider running your own corporate blog. The benefits are numerous! If you have the resources to control, manage and add information on a regular basis then whats stopping you? Get on the blog writing bus! Your audience will appreciate it!

Post By DJ (197 Posts)

DJ has been a high profile Internet Marketer since 2001. He is the CEO of TechWyse and as a passionate member of the internet marketing industry is a key contributor on the 'Rise To The Top' Blog.

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DJ has been a high profile Internet Marketer since 2001. He is the CEO of TechWyse and as a passionate member of the internet marketing industry is a key contributor on the 'Rise To The Top' Blog.
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Is Your Company Ready for Corporate Blogging?

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