Internet Marketing Week At A Glance – Dec 21

Internet Marketing Week At A Glance – Dec 21

It is a short week for most of us this week as we all get ready to celebrate the holidays and welcome in a new year.  There is much to think about before we put our brains in celebration mode though.  Here is your internet marketing ‘Week At A Glance’ for December 21!

TechWyse Highlights

Getting Your 2010 Budget In Order

getting-your-2010-budget We would like to remind anyone involved in Internet Marketing that hasn’t setup their plan for 2010 to get get on it!  We have already completed dozens of ‘Campaign Service Reviews’ for clients which allows us to uncover current internet marketing services and project opportunities that you may have for the new year.  Contact us today if you would like to get us looking at it.  Generating new business all starts with proper planning. 

Analyzing The Importance Of A Support Contract

analyzing-support-contract We hear it all the time; clients praise us for our unique ability to not only deliver top of the industry approach in both traffic building and measurement but also the vast bandwidth we have in building and maintaining conversion friendly websites.  This is thanks to our ever growing team of more than 80 internet marketers and developers that live, eat and breathe this industry.  We would like to remind all clients that you can receive up to 50% off our regular hourly rate by signing up for a support contract with us.  We would also like to remind anyone that does get regular updates that this is a valuable service that needs to be placed in your company budget.  We often point clients to this blog which designers and developers often praise us for writing. :)

Wanna Creep On TechWysians?

wyselabs Psst… if you have ever wondered where us TechWyse folks go to update each other and collaborate did you know that we have a message forum where we do this?  You can go and check it out.  It may help you stay on top of the industry and see some of the things we talk about behind the scenes.  We also just launched a rebranded TechWyse Labs website which can also help you see more of the things we do behind the scenes.

Pay Per Click On or Off This Holiday Season?

Christmas Computing Remember that for most business to business companies the week between Christmas and New Years can be a bit slower.  Remember to remind your campaign manager of any special instructions that you may have during this time.


TechWyse Holiday Hours

holiday-hours While the production team will be in full swing over the holiday break the management team will be accessible only by email on working days between December 27 and Jan 1.  This is just a reminder!

Some other helpful blogs to read on the ‘Rise To The Top’ blog this week:

Using Google Analytics to see when PPC Ads go offline.

How to enable Google section or jump to links.

Examining the impact of ‘Real Time’ search

Internet Marketing News For The Week

Google Offers Top Ten Way To Get Your Business Ready For The Holiday Season

business-ready-for-holiday This is a nice little article launched last week by Google.  Most of the items they mention are regular work that we are doing already for most of our SMART PLAN clients.  While this is a nice holiday reminder we encourage everyone to be doing most of these things on a monthly basis.  We also found a nice article about the top 10 ways to promote your business that we recommend reading.

Yahoo! Announces Progress in Local Search

yahoo-local-search Yahoo! announced some enhancements to their own local search options this week.  We are presently just finishing up an extensive testing period for all ‘Local Search’ platforms.  Make sure to signup for our daily blog update via feedburner so you don’t miss this weeks article outlining some of the tips we suggest.  We will also be announcing a full service launch of our ‘Local Search’ service for Google, Yahoo! and Bing first week of January!

A Glimpse At Yet Another New Facebook Design

facebook-redesign Yes they are doing it again.  In the big race to satisfy a rapidly growing audience, Facebook is redesigning their site again.  Here is a good article outlining how these Facebook changes work.


How Well Can Visitors See Your Site?

visitors-see-your-site Speaking of usability; We wrote a couple weeks about steps Google has been taking to encourage web site owners to make their sites load faster.  Google recently launched a tool called ‘Browser Size’ which allows you to see how most of website visitors see your website.  This can help influence how the layout of your site is built.  We think it needs a bit of refinement to make it easier to understand.  This is a tool that we will use for our own clients that are signed up for our ‘WyseLabs’ service.

Since this will be our last ‘Week At A Glance’ post for the season, on behalf of the entire TechWyse team we want to wish you a fantastic holiday season and a wonderful new year.

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