Realizing the Value of your Online Brand & Your Website Developer

Brand DevelopmentMany business owners in the service industry understand the importance of ensuring that their time is billed out and paid for properly.  After all, in the service industry ‘time’ is our currency.  If we cannot get paid for our time then we cannot stay in business!

In our own industry we sometimes face this exact issue when we are quoting the time it will take to complete a conversion friendly website or perform regular maintenance on client websites. 

While clients have a need to get something updated online, they sometimes do not understand the time it takes to make changes and often do not want to pay to have it done.

If you can relate to this issue, this blog is for you!

The purpose of this blog is really just to lightly add some context to the topic.

Attaching Value To Your Online Brand

For many old school business owners you may have a storefront.  Depending on your business category, companies need to consider including things like maintenance, upkeep and changing the design of your store to ensure the company appears well kept.  These things are usually accepted and included in the company budget.

Guess what?  Your website is now your most highly visible store front!  Since your website is accessible to anyone 24/7/365, it is incredibly important to allocate a budget to the regular maintenance and upkeep of your online brand.

Why wouldn’t you?  Your website is now a key component in generating business for your company!  The expectation should be the same as companies in the past that operated brick and mortar.  In fact, when you really consider the value of your online brand, the cost to keep it up to date and current is miniscule compared to how things would have been in the past in traditional environments.   So why do so many companies fight tooth and nail when a developer wants to charge money for there time to make changes to a company website?

Websites Generate Significant Awareness & Revenue For Your Business

If you don’t know this already, then take it from someone that has been doing it for years.  I could recount 100’s of instances that we have taken a client that was concerned about their ability to make money online and had them thrilled with the results in just a few short months.

Website Maintenance As An Essential Service

Now if you are a company that has a marketing firm (like ours) managing your online property here is your opportunity to have a glimpse into how we are often treated in our daily activities. 

Since we have no tangible product that we hand to you, the only way a company that builds websites can be paid for is their time.  Time is our commodity.  The value you are receiving by employing a top notch company should be recognized.  After all, your website directly affects your companies ability to make money.

To illustrate the way many of us web guys feel on a daily basis I offer you the best thing that I can to help you understand how we feel.  And I offer this to you warm heartedly.  Take a watch and I promise it will give you a smile.


Show Us Developers Some Love

Since time is our currency we need to get paid for the work we provide.   The purpose of this article was to provoke some thought into what us web development and marketing companies go through and also help raise some awareness about the importance / value of what we do for your company.

So next time you feel puzzled that you had to put a couple hundred dollars to update your website remember the time that had to go into that effort and remember that us poor guys need to make a living too! :)


DJ has been a high profile Internet Marketer since 2001. He is the CEO of TechWyse and as a passionate member of the internet marketing industry is a key contributor on the 'Rise To The Top' Blog.

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    Most of the people think that  developing software is a single time job and the support and maintenance is the responsibility of the developers. Yes. It is the responsibility of developers provided the time and effort should be charged after a stipulated period of warranty. Apart from these all any product/service/entity can remain on top without proper maintenance and enhancements.

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    This blog and email remains one of the most reverted to blogs that I send existing business to.  It helps them gain an understanding of some of the challenges we face on a day to day basis!  Love it!

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    That video made my day. What a great short!

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    That video is priceless. Tim Ferris has it right. Time is money and but we need to think of time as a currency. When people nickel and dime you too much, you’re probably spending too much time servicing them for no added value. They’re not worth keeping.

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    Yes you’re right. Choosing a website developer is crucial, if you want to mark your own footprints online. Only experienced and established companies can build you a website with sound search engine optimization techniques wrapped in selling propositions. It is high time to realize that websites are much more than colors, content and contacts as there is a surge in online transactions.

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    The video rightly points out that nothing is free whether it be a product or service. Now almost all branded companies offer products with extended warranty for the next ‘n’ years provided the amount fixed by the compay is paid. In case of service industry if we buy a mobile phone will the service providers offer free calls without paying anything?. Companies need money for all their expenses as well as research. So be cautious when going for free products or service.

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    The fact is that for most customers web site maintenance job is an area that they are rather ignorant of. They fail to gauge the amount of time and effort that needs to put in by the developer. I do not feel that customers are going to realize this fact overnight. Only people familiar with the trade will know how much time and efort is neded to make minor changes; till then we all have to put up with this narrow outlook adopted by the customers.

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    I remember when I used to be a desktop publisher and people I knew asked me to design their logo as well as their stationery. All my hard work to them went unnoticed because it was seen to them that I was doing it for fun. How it can equate to the value of a 12 pack of beer is beyond me.



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