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The “Musts’’ for Advertising Your Business on Facebook


Are you eager to spread the word about your business on Facebook? You need to keep a few basic concepts in mind. Your opportunity will become attractive in proportion to the value you bring to the table. If you can provide serious value on a persistent basis you will naturally attract like-minded propsects. If you bring no value ...

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This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 12 04

Cracking the Code on Facebook Search Marketing Success

With the all the holiday commotion keeping us busy, I'm sure staying up to date with the latest Internet marketing news isn't your top priority - unless you're in the biz. For your one-stop shop convenience, we've collected some trending internet marketing articles: Cracking the Code on Facebook Search Marketing Success; 47 ...

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5 Engaging Competitions And Contests For Your Website

5 Engaging Competitions And Contests For Your Website

Everyone loves getting something for nothing, and everyone loves having fun – there’s no creative genius involved there. The sad thing is that all too often in online marketing it seems like we've forgotten that the two can be linked. In a world of ‘like this page to win a prize’ and ‘tweet this comment for a ...

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Keep Readers Coming Back to Your Blog with These 4 Tips

Keep Readers Coming Back to Your Blog with These 4 Tips

The blogging industry is growing at an extremely quick rate and it’s more important than ever to keep readers coming back to your blog. Most niches are cluttered with many blogs of the same topic, so your readers can easily be directed to another blog. Chances are that if you’re not interested in your own content than your ...

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Top 5 Age-Old Fundamental Rules Of Successful Google PPC Campaigns


Google PPC campaigns constitute the most widely utilized method of online advertisement and the financial data published by Google back up this statement. More exactly, the representatives of Google announced an increase of 42 percent in the number of clicks in 2012 compared to 2011. Furthermore, the average price of a click has ...

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Is the Exact Match Domain Dead After the Recent Google Algorithm Updates?


There was a time when purchasing an exact match domain name guaranteed a top slot in search results. This, as a result, prompted many webmasters to register their website name based on their targeted keyword(s). However, Google recently unleashed changes and updates in its algorithm that have significantly impacted the way ...

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This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 11 27

This Week In Internet Marketing

Hi everyone, hope you’re all ready for the cold weather. Luckily, you can stay warm while reading these hot Internet marketing articles. Get comfortable and check out: 6 Content Marketing Performance Metrics You Need to Track; Facebook Launches Conversion Measurement Tool; 3 Ways To Calculate PPC ROI; and Why You Might Want ...

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How to Get Great Rankings Without Having to Focus on Writing SEO Content


Ever wondered how some companies get placed high up the rankings without too much happening on their website?  For those who don’t want to concentrate their entire web marketing efforts on social media and blogging, there are other ways to optimize SEO. Content for great SEO is of course a dynamic tool, and there are ...

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