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SEO Components Your Blog Should Have


If you're an avid blogger, you're likely already familiar with the wonderful world of SEO. When you're crafting your posts and putting together your page though, are you aware of the specific ways in which you should use SEO? Read on to find out how to better employ SEO strategies in your blog. In Titles Be sure to use SEO ...

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Setting Up a PPC Campaign in Time for the Christmas Rush


If you run an Ecommerce business, you ideally need to start thinking about your festive marketing efforts well in advance of Christmas itself. This is much easier said than done, however, and many companies do not even begin to push for greater online sales at this time of year until it’s too late.   If you’ve ...

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How to Launch the Perfect Social Media Campaign for your Business


So, you’re on Facebook; you’re Tweeting like mad; you’re Pinning everything the internet has to offer…what now? Image source The first thing – and I mean the VERY first thing – is to think about WHY. You know you want followers, what business doesn’t? So the big question is WHY you want ...

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This Week In Internet Marketing 2012 10 30

3 Metrics to Measure Customer Happiness on Your Website

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 10 30 BOO! Don’t be afraid, Halloween is still a day away. The only thing to be afraid of is losing track of what is going on in the world of Internet marketing. Don’t worry here are some article to keep you in the loop: 3 Metrics to Measure Customer Happiness on Your Website; 3 ...

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TechWyse Releases Fast, Effective and Measurable Mobile Platform: InstantMobile

Instant Mobile - Mobile Website Builder

TechWyse has officially announced the release of InstantMobile - an easy to use mobile website builder and mobile content management system designed to help companies create sophisticated, conversion-friendly mobile sites in minutes. “It’s now an essential service for Internet marketing companies to offer mobile web ...

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Creating Infographics to Promote Your Local Business


It doesn’t take spending too much time online to discover today’s local business promotion is becoming more visual. Some of this visual focus is fostered by the popularity of social media platforms such as Pinterest. Regardless of why visual promotion is becoming so popular, it’s vital your local business embrace the trend ...

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4 Ways to Become the Ultimate Pay Per Click Fighting Champion

4 Ways to Become the Ultimate Pay Per Click Fighting Champion

You’re prepped and ready. You've been in training for months and the pay per click advertising race is on. How do you become the best pay per click management expert? How do you dazzle all those around you with your pay per click advertising skills and know-how? How do you make pay per click work for you and increase sales ...

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Announcing InstantMobile our all-in-one Mobile Website Builder!


Why InstantMobile?  Why Now? If there’s one thing that a career in SEO teaches you, it’s that everything changes all the time.  Fortunately, at Techwyse Internet Marketing we have the resources to respond to emerging trends and market needs.  When Web 2.0 made lead capture an essential part of SEO, we created out our ...

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