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Google Releases New Quality Score Guidelines

Google AdWords

A good ad experience is good for everybody involved: users, advertisers, and Google. AdWords is built on this idea and a key aspect of creating a good experience is measuring the quality of ads. Good measurement helps Google ensure that the most useful ads are shown in the best positions on the search results page. This ...

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Interview with Annie Cushing @AnnieCushing from


Annie Cushing is one of world’s most trusted Google Analytics experts. She is an independent SEO and web analytics consultant. This super-smart woman makes data collection and analysis sound simple and fun. She has a unique gift for presenting data in beautiful ways. Follow her @anniecushing to get all her updates and ...

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Google Display Ad Dimensions 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]


Getting your ads on the Google Display Network requires standards to be met. Through Google AdWords, it is possible to run ads on the Google Display Network in 10 different ad dimensions. There is a maximum file size limit, as well as restrictions on the accepted file formats. As you can see, each ad dimension serves a ...

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International Targeting for Multi-language Websites: Google Webmaster Tools Latest Update

Google Webmaster International Targeting

Google Webmaster Tools - International Targeting Google has released a new feature in Webmaster Tools, it's focused on helping multi-language websites. For international websites, it's important to have multi-language versions of the site and have the rel-alternate-hreflang tag implemented correctly. This update is presumably ...

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What Exactly is @MyBlogU

What is

Crowdsource your content ideas! How cool is that? Yes, this is what MyBlogU all about. MyBlogU is the innovative community of writers and bloggers who are eager to exchange their case studies, digital assets, expertise and knowledge to help each and get help in return! Ann Smarty should be able to leverage the massive ...

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This Week in Internet Marketing 2014 07 15


Welcome back to This Week in Internet Marketing! Grab your tea or coffee and get settled in for some interesting articles: Google Agitates For Public Debate On Europe’s Right To Be Forgotten Ruling; LinkedIn Launches ‘Connected’ App To Take Place Of Contacts; Facebook Launches “Out-App Purchase” Ads; Google Updates ...

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How much should a website and Internet marketing cost?

How much should internet marketing cost

Your website and marketing will cost whatever you want it to cost. It’s true, you can have one company build a website for $500 and another company build a website for $10,000. You can have one company do your marketing for $350/month or another company that does your marketing for $3500 / month. At the end of the day you ...

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The Best Social Media Tools for Beginners – It's Dangerous To Go Alone!


It's Dangerous To Go Alone - Social Media Tools for Beginners It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this... Well, maybe it’s not dangerous, but it’s going to be a whole lot harder without our assistance. Whether you’re an aspiring social media angel, or rugged journeyman veteran; it’s important to keep your tool belt ...

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