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This Week in Internet Marketing 2014 09 17


Welcome back to This Week in Internet Marketing! We have some great, informative articles for you this week including: Google Adds Shopping Campaigns To AdWords Scripts; NEWS FEED: Facebook Places More Emphasis on Why Users Reject Ads; INFOGRAPHIC: 18 Steps for Facebook Contests; Comedy in Content Marketing: To Be Memorable, ...

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Interview with Eric Enge from @StoneTemple Consulting


Passion. That's what drive us. We like to win, and winning to us means meeting or exceeding your goals for your web site and business. - Eric Enge . Eric has been working in the industry for more than 30 years. The Stone Temple Interview series is highly acclaimed for its interviews with top search engine marketers, such ...

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This Week in Internet Marketing 2014 09 11


Welcome back to This Week in Internet Marketing! We have some great articles for you this week including: Bing Ads Offers New Bulk Editing Tools; Google Makes It Easier For People To Search For Your Content; Call out what matters most to your customers; How Social Media Automation Can Save You Time and Money; and 12 Ways to Get ...

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog [5 Insights, a Case Study + 6 Quick Tips]

Blog Traffic

It’s a moment of anticipation for all bloggers. You’ve written your post, Tweeted it, Facebooked, LinkedIn, and Pinned it and you think: maybe it’s time to check out Google Analytics to see how many glorious people viewed my post! Then, silence, that blog you thought was going to do so well completely flopped! Let’s say ...

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How To Use Instagram For Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]


There’s no doubt that investing your company’s time in social media can be beneficial-- companies expand their reach to a new clientele and increase brand awareness everyday through their social campaigns. But since the rise of online marketing, there has been one common truth among all social platforms: If you don’t have ...

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This Week in Internet Marketing 2014 09 02


Welcome back! This week we have several new analytics tools for you as more social networks unveil their recent additions and Google says goodbye to authorship. Read more below with Google Kills Off Their Authorship Support; Twitter rolls out analytics tools for everyone; Pinterest Introduces A New Analytics Platform For ...

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Creating Posts and Updates that Engage Your Facebook Fans


When it comes to Facebook Pages, engagement is key. To get your target audience’s attention, you have to be very clear about your purpose and branding. Facebook accounts that perform the best are those who have built a community of highly interactive users, and the only way for others build a similar community is by provoking ...

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Where is the Future of Internet Marketing Headed?

Futurama marketing

Staying Informed Starting a career in the world of Internet marketing can be a little daunting at first. The dynamic, ever-changing atmosphere of the industry can sometimes have you feeling a bit like Sisyphus pushing his stone up a hill. In order to play the game, you’ve got to educate yourself, and stay informed. Week to ...

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