8 Tricks for Memorable Content in Social Media

8 Tricks for Memorable Content in Social Media

10%, 20%, and 80%.

These are the rough percentages of information people remember when they hear, read, and see it.

But somehow, whenever you try to use sounds, texts, or interactive visuals in your content to establish a memorable presence on social media, it’s like you work and work and work on a boat, but it doesn’t get any better. It won’t take you to the destination you aim at.

We’ll help you fix your content marketing vessel and sail it successfully to the shore of brand recognition, high sales, and fast business growth with social media. This article is your ultimate guide for making unforgettable content that leaves a deep and unfading impression.

Key Principles for Creating Memorable Social Media Content

Five major psychological factors set the stage for standout content and captivate people. They are:

  • Emotional resonance (emotion, feeling)
  • Social validation (opinion or authority of influencers, brand ambassadors, or other customers)
  • Trigger (number, colour, trend)
  • Order (structure, pattern)
  • Storytelling (backed up by visual thinking and imagination)

Keeping these principles top of mind allows you to grow on social media by creating remarkable content memories for your audience.

Check how it works below.

How to Make Your Content Memorable on Social Platforms

Let’s maximize your social impact with impressive posts.

1. Play the humour card (Principle: emotional resonance)

49% of consumers claim funny content is the most memorable on social channels.

It’s not a secret that fun is TikTok’s second name. Perhaps that is why entertaining videos hit higher than others and belong to the “evergreen” TikTok trends. So, if you plan to make your brand memorable through content marketing on social media, it’s a must to use TikTok for business.

Learn from the funniest brands on this video-sharing platform:

  • The Washington Post: Comical situations and POVs (points of view)
  • Duolingo: Amusing videos with the mascot Duo
  • Crocs: Self-critical humour
  • Starbucks: Barista-powered comedy
  • Netflix: Jokes + hilarious movie quotes
  • Chipotle: Fun facts
  • Ryanair: The Boeing 737 with moving lips and eyes

Source: TikTok


It’s time to take the most engaging TikTok video ideas and spice them up with humour.

2. Give numbers (Principle: trigger)

A number is another psychological driver of your social media success.

By giving numbers, you deliver valuable and accurate information to your customers, simplistically explain complex things, and help them make informed decisions. This all contributes to customer trust and confidence in your brand.

Note: People prefer round numbers like 10, 20, or 100 rather than irregular ones.

Don’t forget to put numbers in your social media captions to provide value and create memorable content that converts.

3. Involve influencers (Principle: social proof)

Here’s an eye-opening truth: 60% of brands collaborate with at least ten content creators in their influencer campaigns.


Influencer marketing does miracles. Influencer endorsements and shoutouts outperform branded posts and drive user engagement more effectively, according to numerous reports by marketers. They form lasting impressions because of the association with an influential personality.

You can get inspiration from successful partnerships between:

  • Dunkin and @charlidamelio
  • Google and @thesorrygirls
  • ASOS and 20+ micro-influencers
  • Goop and @DrShaunaShapiro
  • Sony and @ladyyasmina1, @jalaiahharmon, @jabez, and others
  • Gymshark and @twinmelody
  • Foster Grant and @sofiavergara

Source: Instagram


Don’t know where to start?

Browse social media influencers at Shoutcart and filter them by social media channel, category, and demographics (country, language, sex, and age). On top of that, you can sort them by price, followers, user engagement, success rate, etc.

4. Organize information (Principle: order)

Did you know? Our brains seek structure and order in everything. That’s what researchers say.

Would you dare to argue with them, or would you instead use this fact to your benefit for a memorable social media presence?

“It’s better to give portions of information to your social media audience not in messy piles but organized blocks. These can be tables, X-step guides, graphs, lists, etc.,” explains Jim Pendergast, Senior Vice President at altLINE Sobanco.

Look at the examples of structured financial content shared by altLINE Sobanco on LinkedIn.

  • Table

Source: Linkedin


  • Step-by-step instruction

Source: Linkedin


  • Graph or chart

Source: Linkedin


  • List

Source: Linkedin


5. Impress with giveaways (Principle: emotional resonance)

“The psychology of freebies, rewards, and prizes is essential for producing impactful content on social media,” Jesse Galanis, Content Manager of Tech Lockdown. “Social media users get easily attracted to giveaway contests because they stir positive emotions such as excitement, enthusiasm, and joy. And you can’t deny that winning undoubtedly feels good,” he remarks.

This feeling lasts long enough to recall your brand later, associating it with the pleasant memories of participating or winning.

Giveaway posts are among the best Instagram content ideas. Besides, it’s possible to mash two potatoes with one fork: influencer marketing and giveaways.

How exactly?

By sponsoring influencer giveaways. This will attract more people to your brand and boost your eCommerce sales with Instagram influencers.

For example, Loungefly partnered with @rosaliecchiang and gathered over 14,500 likes.

Source: Instagram


6. Share testimonials and reviews (Principle: social proof)

Positive online reviews make 72% of consumers trust a business. They increase credibility and brand recognition.

How about turning your customer testimonials into compelling social media content?

This recommendation comes from Brooke Webber, Head of Marketing at Ninja Patches. She says, “One of the best strategies for effective content marketing is blending customer feedback into your social media posting schedule. Ensure a review or testimonial appears in your posts at least once a week.”

Brooke also reveals several creative methods of sharing customers’ reviews and testimonials. You can publish them as:

  • Images
  • Instagram videos
  • GIFs
  • Stories
  • TikTok Ads
  • Q&As
  • Or YouTube shorts

7. Make the opposite colours clash (Principle: trigger)

Clashing colours (often called complementary) “sit” opposite each other on the colour wheel, resulting in high contrast. They also positively impact the memorization of material, based on this study.

Some examples of contrasting colour pairs to attract your audience with memorable content include:

  • Red + Green
  • Blue + Orange
  • Purple + Yellow
  • Green + Orange
  • Pink + Yellow-green

Source: g2.com


For example, Stephan Baldwin, Founder of Assisted Living, mentions this tactic across all social media channels. “Taken from design, the contrast in colours catches attention, increases readability, creates visual hierarchy, emphasizes more important parts of the text, and enhances the overall aesthetics of social media content. It works particularly well on visual-centered platforms like Pinterest, TikTok, or Instagram.”

You can level up your visual branding on Instagram by merging several contrasting colours in one post. See how Clario combines orange with blue, yellow with purple, and green with orange.

Source: Instagram


8. Tell a sincere story (Principles: storytelling + emotional resonance)

People are 22 times more likely to remember something if it has been wrapped as a story. We tend to visualize stories in pictures or images, making them more vivid and noteworthy in our minds.

“Sincere storytelling means a lot to social media audiences, and it’s one of the secrets to creating unforgettable content. In addition to triggering an emotional response, stories connect and make a lasting impact, uniting people around similar events or situations. They also evoke the feeling of belongingness,” mentions Robert Kaskel, Chief People Operations Officer at Checkr.

Checkr incorporates storytelling into the brand’s YouTube strategy. Building a Fairer Future is a series of life stories in short YouTube videos told by the formerly incarcerated team members at Checkr.

Source: YouTube


Deliver Content That Sticks 

Everything you’ve read is true. You can zombify people (in a good way) so that they will never forget your social media posts and your brand.

Let’s now summarize what works better on each social platform:

  • Instagram: Colour contrast, giveaways, influencer content
  • Facebook: Stories, numbers, review marketing
  • LinkedIn: Structured posts, numbers
  • TikTok: Humorous videos, contrasting colours, partnerships with creators
  • YouTube: Funny shorts, stories
  • Pinterest: Colour contrast, lists

In conclusion, the art of creating memorable content on social media involves leveraging key psychological principles such as emotional resonance, social proof, triggers, order, and storytelling

By incorporating humour, numbers, influencer collaborations, organized information, giveaways, testimonials, and contrasting colours, you can create a lasting impression on your audience. 

Whether it's TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Pinterest, understanding the platform-specific preferences will help you craft content that not only captures attention but also fosters brand recognition, trust, and sustained business growth in the competitive world of social media.


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