Top 13 Pinterest Trends in 2024: Uncovering Hidden Opportunities for Brands

Top 13 Pinterest Trends in 2024: Uncovering Hidden Opportunities for Brands

In 2024, Pinterest will be much more than a mood board—it will be a treasure trove for companies like yours.

With more than 463 million users browsing Pinterest monthly, you can be sure that a sizable audience is ready to learn about what you have to offer.

We're here to give you the ultimate guide to “Pinterest Predicts 2024” for uncovering the hidden trends that will elevate your brand.



Major Pinterest Trends in 2024: An Overview

Source: Pinterest Predicts


As we glance ahead at what 2024 has in store for Pinterest, several emerging trends are noticeably transforming the worlds of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. 

In beauty, there's a clear shift towards the basics—a growing preference for streamlined skincare regimens and a heightened emphasis on eco-friendly products.

Fashion is taking a turn, with people reaching for clothes that are as comfortable as they are classy, showing we all want a wardrobe that's effortlessly cool yet functional. 

Meanwhile, in lifestyle, everyone's busy making their homes into cozy havens, with more folks bringing in greenery and tackling organization projects with a do-it-yourself spirit.

These trends are gaining momentum on Pinterest as users seek authenticity and personal well-being, signalling a broader shift in consumer preferences toward mindful consumption and intentional living.

Deep Dive into Specific Trends


1. Blue Beauty

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Blue Beauty is making a striking comeback, with aquamarine shades becoming a go-to for the younger crowd. 

In 2024, expect to see Gen Z and Millennials embracing this throwback trend with a modern twist. 

The numbers speak for themselves: there's a 65% increase in searches for blue eyeshadow looks, proving that this cool hue is hot right now. 

And it's not just about the eyes—fun blue nails have seen a whopping 260% jump in interest. 

Whether it's for a prom night or a casual day out, light blue makeup is gaining ground, with a 70% rise in searches

The aquamarine wave doesn't stop there; aqua makeup looks have doubled in popularity, and blue quince makeup is up by 85%. This trend is a clear sign that bold, expressive colors are in, and blue is leading the pack.

2. Luxury Body Care and In-home Spa

In 2024, taking care of your skin is more than a routine—it's a ritual. 

Both Boomers and Gen Z are investing in their skin's health with a big shift towards luxury lotions and transforming their homes into personal spas. 

Sunscreen use is on the rise, with a 75% increase in searches, showing that protection is key. 

But it's not just about shielding from the sun; the body moisturizer aesthetic has soared by 245% as people look for that perfect glow. 

Spa aesthetics are up by 60%, indicating a desire for relaxation and pampering without leaving the house. 

The most dramatic jump is seen in the body skincare routine, with an astounding 1,025% more interest.

This tells us that people really dedicate time and effort to their skin from head to toe. Overall, bodycare searches have leaped by 845%, proving that when it comes to self-care, skin is definitely in.

3. Oversized Accessories and Bold Beauty

This year, beauty and accessories are going big. Millennials and Gen Z are choosing styles that stand out, like chunky hoops, which have seen a 45% increase in popularity

It's all about making a statement, whether with big braids up by 30% or a wavy perm for men, which has risen by 50%

Sculptural jewelry is also having a moment, with a 75% jump in interest, showing that it's time to think big when it comes to fashion. 

And let's not forget the big bun hairstyle, which has surged by 230%. 

These trends are all about embracing a bold look that matches the “fluffy hair” aesthetic and makes a confident, creative statement.

4. Retro-Inspired Weddings

Source: Shutterstock


This year, weddings are throwing it back to the '70s, with disco balls and bell-bottoms making a big splash. 

Boomers and Millennials are leading the charge, bringing back the groovy vibes of the past. Searches for groovy weddings have shot up by 170%, showing that couples are ready to dance the night away under twinkling disco lights. 

The '70s bride look is also in demand, with a 50% increase in interest, as more people say "I do" to lace, fringe, and flower crowns. 

The retro wedding theme overall is up by 80%, proving that old-school style is new again. 

And for those pre-wedding celebrations, groovy hen party outfits are all the rage, with a 110% rise in searches, while retro hen party decor has seen a 35% boost

It's clear that when it comes to tying the knot, retro is the way to go.

5. Vintage Jazz Influence in Fashion and Entertainment

The smooth and soulful sounds of vintage jazz are making a comeback, influencing music, fashion, and nightlife. 

This year, Millennials and Gen Z are swapping their electronic playlists for the timeless rhythms of jazz.

It's all about capturing that classic vibe, with jazz aesthetic clothing seeing a 180% increase in popularity. 

Dimly lit jazz bars are becoming the go-to spots, with outfits for these venues up by 75%

The genre's influence doesn't stop there; jazz funk's popularity has risen by 75%, and piano jazz by 105%, showing a renewed interest in the rich, mellow tones of the past. 

When it comes to what to wear for a night out at a jazz club, searches for the perfect outfit have increased by 65%. 

It's clear that the elegance and coolness of the jazz era are resonating once again with the younger generations, both in their wardrobe choices and their entertainment preferences.

6. Bow Embellishments in Fashion

Bows are taking centre stage in fashion this year, with Millennials and Gen Z embracing this sweet and simple detail. 

Whether it's adding a touch of charm to an outfit or giving a pair of shoes a playful twist, bows are everywhere. 

The trend is clear: searches for bow outfits have surged by 190%, and bow necklaces by 180%. 

It's not just about adding a bow here and there; the overall bow aesthetic has seen a 55% increase, showing that this trend is about weaving a bit of whimsy into everyday style. 

For the crafty types, bow crochet is up by 80%, indicating a love for handmade and personalized touches. 

And for footwear, heels with bows have climbed by 40% in popularity, proving that this classic adornment can elevate even the simplest of looks. 

In the coming year, expect to see bows of all sizes adding a playful vibe to fashion for everyone.

7. 'Grandpa Core' Fashion

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The “grandpa core” trend is picking up steam in 2024, with Gen Z and Boomers alike adding a touch of vintage flair to their everyday wear. 

This isn't about outdated fashion; it's about celebrating the quirky and timeless pieces with character. 

Customized denim jackets lead the charge with a massive 355% increase in interest, showing a hunger for personal style with a throwback twist. 

Eclectic clothing styles have also gained traction, up 130%, as more people mix and match to express their individuality. 

The “grandpa core” itself has seen a 65% rise, with retro streetwear not far behind at a 55% increase

And the “grandad style” has grown by 60%, proving that old-school cool is back in a big way. 

It's all about embracing those classic looks—think chic cardigans and unique, expressive outfits that stand the test of time.

8. Innovative Food Fusion

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The food scene in 2024 is all about bold combinations, as familiar treats are being reinvented into exciting new eats. 

“Burger quesadillas” and “pizza pies” are just the start of this tasty trend. These mashups are not just fun to say but also a hit on the taste buds. 

Pizza pie, which combines the best parts of a pizza with the deep satisfaction of a pie, has seen a 55% increase in interest

Then there's the burger quesadilla, up by 80%, offering a new way to enjoy the classic flavours of a burger wrapped in a crispy quesadilla shell. 

It's not just about main courses—gummy kebabs are up by 170%, adding a quirky twist to snacking. 

With a 165% jump, Carbonara ramen shows a growing appetite for combining Italian and Japanese staples. 

And cheeseburger tacos, which have surged by 255%, are another example of how traditional dishes are being transformed to create something entirely new and exciting. 

It's clear that in 2024, Gen X and Boomers are embracing the fusion food movement with open arms and eager forks.

9. Tropical Influences Across Lifestyle Categories

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This year, a tropical breeze is blowing through our lives, touching everything from what we eat and drink to how we style our homes and ourselves. 

The laid-back, sunny vibes of tropical destinations inspire Boomers and Gen Z alike, as they bring a bit of that escapist feel into their daily routines. 

Pineapple mocktails, for instance, are up by 70%, offering a refreshing, fruity twist to sipping at home. 

And the classic pineapple upside-down cake is making a sweet comeback, with a 50% increase in popularity

The coconut aesthetic is also on the rise, up by 35%, influencing everything from skincare to snacks with its fresh, beachy scent and flavor. 

In the kitchen, Hawaiian traybake chicken is gaining fans, up by 35%, for its easy, flavourful nod to island cuisine. 

When it comes to decorating tropical chic decor, it has more than doubled in interest, with a 110% increase, as people look to create their own paradise at home with lush greens and vibrant hibiscus prints. 

It's clear that in 2024, the tropical trend is more than just a fleeting fancy—it's a full-on lifestyle choice.

10. Creative Upcycling

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In 2024, upcycling isn't just a trend—it's a movement. 

Boomers and Gen X are leading the charge, turning everyday items like basic tees into one-of-a-kind pieces with a few clever cuts and tears. 

It's all about making the old new again and doing it yourself. 

Small scrap wood projects are seeing a massive surge in DIY interest, up by 1,220%, as people find inventive ways to reuse bits and pieces that would otherwise be overlooked. 

In the kitchen, starter leftover recipes have risen by 165%, showing a growing enthusiasm for turning last night's dinner into today's new flavour adventure. 

The craft scene is also buzzing, with a 140% increase in projects using waste materials, proving that almost anything can be given a second life. 

Zero-waste sewing patterns are up by 80%, appealing to those who want to create without creating more waste. 

Scrap quilt patterns for leftover fabric are equally popular, also up by 80%, as more people find joy and value in piecing together memories and materials. 

Upcycling is about more than saving money or being eco-friendly this year—it's about infusing personal style and creativity into everything we do.

11. Western Gothic Home Decor

Western gothic is the new decor trend that's capturing the hearts of Gen Z and Boomers alike. It's where the old-time charm of vintage Americana meets the mysterious allure of dark, rich colours. 

This style is about creating a space that feels classic and edgy. Searches for Western bedding ideas have skyrocketed by 310% as people look to bring a touch of the frontier into their bedrooms with a gothic twist. 

Interest in vintage Americana has also jumped by 145%, showing a desire to blend the rustic with the refined. 

Country room ideas are up by 125% as more people aim to infuse their homes with a cozy yet bold aesthetic. 

Western mirrors, too, have seen a 125% increase, adding a functional statement piece that reflects this unique style. 

The term “Western gothic” itself has risen by 145% in popularity, signalling that this trend is more than just a passing fancy—it's a whole new way to express individuality and taste in home design.

12. Knockout Workouts

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This year, Millennials and Gen Z are stepping up their fitness game with combat sports. They're not just hitting the gym; they're hitting the air with punches and kicks. 

Karate Kumite has become particularly popular, with a 190% increase in interest as people practice their moves and enjoy the rush of sparring. 

Kickboxing isn't just a workout; it's a lifestyle, with its appeal growing by 265%

Mixed martial arts training is also on the rise, doubling in popularity, as it offers a full-body workout that's as intense as it is rewarding.

 Shadowboxing workouts, up by 60%, are proving to be a hit for those looking to improve their form and agility without the need for a punching bag. 

And jiu-jitsu, with a 30% increase, continues to draw in those who appreciate the combination of physical exertion and mental strategy. 

In 2024, “me” time is about channelling energy into powerful, focused workouts that leave you feeling strong and stress-free.

13. Kitchens

Kitchens are getting a playful makeover in 2024, with Gen X and Boomers leading the way. They're saying goodbye to bare, minimalist looks and hello to spaces bursting with personality. 

Thrifted treasures and vintage appliances are finding new homes as charming focal points. 

Searches for eclectic kitchen decor have risen by 50%, showing a growing love for unique and eye-catching designs. 

The kitschy kitchen trend is also heating up, with a 75% increase in popularity, as more people embrace fun and whimsical elements in their cooking spaces. 

Green kitchen paint, up by 55%, is bringing a lively splash of colour to walls, while the interest in eccentric kitchens has soared by 160%, proving that a little quirkiness is highly desired. 

Even retro pink kitchens are making a comeback, with a 40% rise in interest, as pastel hues and nostalgic vibes create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

This year, kitchens are becoming a place where creativity is on the menu, and every detail adds flavour to the heart of the home.

Strategies for Brands to Leverage Pinterest Trends

Understanding and leveraging current trends is crucial for brands looking to impact Pinterest. Here's a detailed strategy to help brands harness the power of Pinterest trends:

  1. Leverage Video Pin: The popularity of video content on Pinterest is surging. Brands can capitalize on this by creating engaging videos using free apps like CapCut or other free video editing software. Videos can showcase products, DIYs, or tutorials, offering a dynamic way to connect with audiences and enhance visibility on the platform.
  2. Craft Trend-Specific Boards: Create dedicated boards for each trend. For example, if “vintage Americana” is trending, a furniture brand could create a board showcasing products in settings that evoke a nostalgic American vibe, complete with descriptive captions and storytelling.
  3. SEO-Driven Content Creation: Creating pin titles and descriptions using SEO best practices. Research keywords with tools like Pin Inspector to find keywords related to the trends, such as “kitschy kitchen accessories” or “western gothic home decor”, and incorporate them naturally into your content to boost searchability and reach.
  4. Visual Storytelling: Invest in high-quality, visually appealing images that tell a story and resonate with the trend. If “eclectic kitchen decor” is popular, create pins that feature your products in eclectic settings, using before-and-after shots or step-by-step styling guides.
  5. User-Generated Content Curation: Encourage customers to pin images of your products in their own spaces. Create a campaign around a trend, like “green kitchen makeovers,” and ask users to show off their renovations featuring your brand's items.
  6. Tailored Pinterest Ads: Use Pinterest ads to promote your trend-related content. Set up campaigns targeting specific demographics interested in the trends you're capitalizing on, and use A/B testing to refine your ad visuals and copy.
  7. Influencer Collaborations: Partner with Pinterest influencers who have a strong affinity with the trends you're targeting. Collaborate on exclusive content, such as a “retro pink kitchen” series, to tap into their followers and gain credibility.
  8. Content Refresh and Repurpose: Regularly update your boards and pins to keep them fresh and relevant. Repurpose your top-performing content by creating new pins that link back to the original post, providing new angles on the trend.
  9. Performance Tracking and Insights: Continuously track the performance of your pins and boards. Use Pinterest's analytics to understand which trend aspects resonate most with your audience and refine your strategy accordingly.


To wrap things up, it's essential to remember the power of foresight in shaping the success of any venture.

This blog offers insights into emerging trends. By tuning into these forecasts, companies can develop strategies that are in sync with future directions, ensuring they connect with their customers' evolving interests.

Embracing new styles or launching innovative products and leveraging Pinterest's trends can pave the way for a prosperous year ahead.

So, keep your eyes on the “Pinterest Predicts 2024”—it could very well unlock the door to your next significant breakthrough.

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