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How Fonts Can Effect Website Conversion

Website Conversion March 16th, 2009


Using Correct Font & Font Size in WebsiteOne of the most important, yet grossly neglected area of Website Design process is in the selection of the font and font size . Few designers realize that the font and font size can have a great impact upon the visitor’s initial impression and can significantly effect the overall bounce rate of visitors coming to the website.

If the font and font size is to his/her liking, he is more apt to stay.  If he/she finds difficulty in reading through the content due to the  font size , the person is more likely to leave the site for good. If you had given ample thought to analyzing your target audience and deciding upon the right font and font size you may very well help improve the overall time a person will spend on your site.

New Generation Fonts

Choose fonts that are easy on the eye and clearly legible. Verdana and Arial are considered a good option and offer easy reading. These are common and installed in all computers presently. These fonts look equally pleasing when taking out print outs of any documents from your computer.  Further to this point, text and the background color should contrast and this should offer easy reading. Black text and white background are considered the best selection by far.

Jakob Nielson on Font Size

Jakob Nielson, the web usability czar, speaking on font size had earlier remarked, ”Tiny text tyrannizes users by dramatically reducing task throughput”.  He recommended that designers be careful in the choice of font size and avoid cramming pages with small font that users are unable to read . Most present day web browsers , however, offer the option of enlarging or reducing the font size with CTRL and + and CTRL-

This ls a useful tool and offers the users the freedom to select the font size of their choice. (the problem is not many people know about it!) Jakob Nielson had also cautioned web designers from disabling this facility and displaying a font that users may be reluctant to accept. In case the designer was particular that a default font size be included in the site he suggested that 10 point be used as default so that users need not take recourse to manual overrides. He had in addition said that font size should be related to the age of your target audience and if your site is particularly targeted at seniors a font size of 12 point may be better.

The importance of having a font that does not strain the eyes and is visually appealing is of utmost importance. Many visitors may not even take the trouble of enlarging the fonts if the font size is too small.

A well designed site with correct font size could go a long way in making a commercial success of your site by making a visitor stay longer on your site and aid conversions in the process.  Isn’t that what its all about?

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How Fonts Can Effect Website Conversion

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