7 Crucial Things That Could Slow Down Your Website Performance

fixing slow website performance


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A landing page is a standalone web page designed and optimized for a specific marketing or advertising campaign.

Landing pages are perfect for advertising a specific product or service that you offer. Although customizable, a landing page typically has conversion-focused content, media, and design with a contact form, call button, or other call-to-action. Convert faster and easier with professionally designed landing pages.

For the best results of any online marketing campaign, you want your potential customers to find exactly what they want with an easy way to buy. You don’t want them to get lost clicking around your website. This is where a dedicated landing page comes in.


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    dr vijay chourdia 


    useful article…good.

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    Jessiaca Yuen 


    I would also highlight that too many videos on the front page can result in a much higher bounce rate, and ultimately lose potential readership and clients. The short answer would be to leave the front page relatively light and give the users an idea of what the page is about. Either way, great article and you mentioned some things I wouldn’t have even thought of to apply to my page!

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    Maddy Kriegersan 


    Very useful read! One of my websites failed to maintain constant traffic and one of the causes for that was the loading time. I can confirm that the number of HTTP requests from page elements leads to more loading time. Correcting this issue by creating a new clean and simple website proved to be really efficient in terms of speed and user experience.

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