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Improve Your Website’s Page Load Speed for Better SEO [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographics April 3rd, 2013



There are a number of reasons why a site may load slowly, some of those reasons include: cookies, content, server, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

This infographic is designed to show you why your website may not be loading fast enough. This is a must read for internet marketing geeks or anyone who wants to improve their site’s performance and SEO. This is a practice that we use, and it helps us optimize for SEO in Toronto. Fast page load speed makes for happy users. When you reduce the time it takes your website to load your time one site will increase while your bounce rate decreases, you should also notice an improvement in conversions.

Improve Your Website's Page Load Speed for Better SEO


Website load speed has a direct impact on business growth and it can be measured, especially when you have a high number of unique visitors using your site. Site speed is a crucial factor for any business when you consider the growth and competition in both ecommerce and lead-gen businesses.

Refer, to the source article Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site at Yahoo! Developer Network, to explore things/practices in detail.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this infographic, Christy Kunjumon, Rajesh Balakrishnan.

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Improve Your Website’s Page Load Speed for Better SEO [INFOGRAPHIC]

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