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Twitter VS Facebook For Business in 2013

Social Media Marketing February 25th, 2013


In the Social Media world Twitter is the new comer, the young and innovative platform, but is Facebook ready to retire yet? Believe it or not Facebook is nearly ten years old now, and although it makes frequent changes, is it really that exciting anymore? It’s basically the same thing since we signed up all those years ago. Sure most of us understand how to use it now and it’s great for keeping up to date with all our friends, but really is it anything more? Is it really as innovative as we once thought?

More and more frequently I find myself turning to twitter to share my thoughts or spread the word of recent news. Once upon a time I would have turned to Facebook and Facebook only, but twitter is cleaner, so simple and yet so much more fun!

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Every time I log on to twitter something has changed, new hash tags are trending. This leads me to look into why they are trending and in turn hash tag a response of my own.

Once considered Facebooks little brother, twitter has soon caught up in terms of users, but is it set to take over?

The Break Down

Utilizing Social Media in your business is essential. Whether you work in Technology PR or you manage a cake shop, social media is important! Social media was big in 2012 but is set to be even bigger in 2013, especially for business. Many of us put a lot of effort into our company’s social media campaigns which is what we should be doing, but are some of our efforts wasted?

Most of us will have both Facebook and Twitter company accounts, and both take alot of time to set up and maintain. Is it really necessary to have both?


Facebook is a ‘place for friends’; most of us will know 99% of our ‘friends’ on Facebook. I know personally when someone adds me that I don’t know, I will be very wary of accepting them and this includes businesses.

Say you do have a Facebook account to promote your business and you post a status or a link to your site on a regular basis. Who is reading this, and is it spreading? The answer is no, you post it, a few of your ‘friends’ will read it, maybe like it, but it won’t get passed on and it will never go viral!

How do you find people on Facebook that are in a similar industry to you, or are sure to have an interest in what you do? Answer is you can’t really; there is no bio outlining interests. You find people on Facebook due to mutual friends. So you will need to have friends who have lots of followers with in your industry in order for Facebook to suggest these people to you.


I won’t lie; initially I thought Twitter was Facebook statuses and nothing else. This really isn’t the case.

You can freely follow whoever you like on twitter. There is no case of accepting someone or not. As a business it is the follow back which you want. A lot of users you will be following so that they in turn follow you back, so that they can see and share your tweets to their followers. You can do this by complimenting them or their business, or striking up a conversation. Not everyone will follow you back though.

As a business you will need to aim to follow people in similar industries and people who you know will be interested in your services. Once you have gained a good following people will begin to retweet your tweets to their friends who will most likely also be interested in your business. On twitter your information can be wide spread, it’s all about being clever.

To find relevant people on Twitter you can simply look at groups, or use ‘Twellow’ the twitter yellow pages. There are lots of sites out there suggesting who is worth following in your industry.

You also have the bio on twitter which lets you summarise who you are and outline your interests. This makes it easier to connect with people who are similar.

In business terms, Twitter is my go to place to spread news, gain awareness and build relationships. As of July 2012 Twitter had 500,250,000 users and that number grows every day with an average of 150,000 joining a day.

The beauty of Twitter is being able to reach specially targeted users to gain maximum interest, and let’s not forget the infamous hash tag!

When using social media for personal reasons Facebook was up there, but more and more I find myself on Twitter. Yes I still link it to my Facebook, so everything I post on Twitter goes on to my Facebook…but you can’t do it the other way round, resulting in me tweeting rather than updating Facebook.

Twitter is set to become even bigger in 2013, and I’m predicting a takeover that has been a long time coming.

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Twitter VS Facebook For Business in 2013

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