Top Eight Underrated Ways To Promote Your Blog

When you think about driving traffic to your blog, what are the first things that come to mind? For most bloggers, their answer will be some combination of SEO, blog commenting, guest posting and directory submissions.

While there’s certainly no denying the effectiveness of such techniques, they are by no means the only options available to you. And if you really want to attract a larger audience, it really does pay to mix things up a little.

Provided you’ve chosen the right niche, there are tens of thousands of readers out there just waiting to hear about your blog. And it’s your job to help them find you.

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Here are eight of the most underrated blog promotion techniques.


Regardless of your blogs niche, there’s no excuse for not having a presence on YouTube.

After Google and Facebook, it’s the third most popular website in the world. Despite this fact, the majority of bloggers are noticeably absent.

If you want to get on YouTube, get your camera out and start making talking heads style video posts. If this seems like too much work, head over to and simply convert your most popular textual posts into video format.

Document Sharing

Promoting your blog on document sharing websites comes complete with two important advantages. First off, document sharing sites tend to be pretty respectable in terms of Pagerank and you can therefore benefit from a high quality backlink.

And secondly, they tend to receive a hell of a lot of traffic, some of which you should be able to direct towards your blog. To get your blog on the likes of and, simply convert your most popular blog posts into PDF and click upload.

Tweeting Old Posts

Most bloggers promote their latest posts on Twitter and Facebook but the majority of them fail to completely utilize the power of such platforms. If you have enough followers and fans, you should be promoting your old content as well.

Make a list of your most popular past posts and choose a single one to promote each week. Your newest followers and fans are highly unlikely to have read them.

Question and Answer Sites

Despite the ridiculous amount of traffic that question and answer sites get, the majority of bloggers don’t bother with them. Yahoo Answers tends to the best in terms of traffic whereas Quora is superior in terms of question and answer quality.
To enjoy a nice traffic boost from such sites, simply answer questions that are relevant to your blogs niche. Well thought out answers that cite your blog as a reference can easily drive traffic to your blog for many years to come.

Online Groups

In a similar fashion to forums, online groups that are relevant to your blogs niche can make an excellent source of traffic. They are effective simply because they are full of people who are genuinely interested in your blogs niche.

The largest groups can be found in Yahoo Groups, Google Groups and of course, LinkedIn Groups. To really reap the benefits of such platforms, focus your search exclusively on groups with at least a thousand members.


Contrary to popular belief, converting a blog post into a podcast is incredibly simple. Sites such as provide the service completely free of charge, allowing you to leverage your existing content in an entirely new market.

Podcasts are growing more and more popular each year and it’s a market that’s largely untapped by bloggers. To reach said market, all you need to do is upload your converted posts to the many free podcast directories available online.

Free Advertising Exchanges

Many bloggers are put off the idea of advertising on other blogs because of the cost that’s usually involved. Advertising exchanges however allow you to exchange advertising space on your blog for advertising space on somebody else’s, thus removing the financial barrier.

If you’re not currently making much revenue from your blogs advertising space, you’d be mad not to use one of these services. The most popular free advertising exchanges include and

Niche Social Networks

Finally, we have niche social networks. Unlike the likes of Facebook and Twitter, niche social networks don’t have millions and millions of members. What makes them valuable however is that the members that they do have all like the same things.

Because of this fact, the right niche social network can literally send thousands of new visitors to your blog. Here are a few examples:

  • (Pinterest clone for men.).
  • (green living, eco friendly).
  • (moms, parenting).
  • (exercise and fitness).

What are other underrated ways you promote your blog?


William Branson is a key figure in the mobile website and website designing field. His contributions have paid off well for who have him as the head of their website designing team.

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    Thanks for this great article. I’m going to try some of these methods to boost traffic, and hopefully subscribers, to my blog. I particularly like the idea of, I’m off to check that out.

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    Great piece of information William! I have always been searching for extra ways of promoting my blog that wouldn’t cost me a lot and you have really helped me with your article sir. Thank you.

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    For comedians podcasts have done wonders, often cutting out middlemen and gatekeepers when it comes to getting mainstream media attention and I would have to imagine they could do the same for bloggers – it’s not something I would have thought, but that I am definitely going to try with some of my older writing that I no longer perform on stage :)

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    This is an amazing article and I am so happy that I came across it. I’ve read countless articles about blog promotion, and not one of them had the ideas stated in this article. These ideas are so unique and I’m excited just thinking about trying them! I don’t think I had ever heard of document sharing sites until I read this article. All of these ideas were very helpful. I have been discouraged lately with trying to figure out ways to promote my blog. This article has given me a whole new outlook on promotion and has encouraged me tremendously.

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    Nice article William, it was really good and it had excellent pieces of information.

    It will surely a lot of work to promote your blog but in the end, you’ll come to say “Wow, look how many visitors I have!”

    This is something I’ll definitely try. Thanks for the article.

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    The podcast idea is something I have not thought of. It always seemed to be completely different then blogging, although now that I think of it, I really don’t know why. A friend of mine has an internet radio show and has asked me to be a guest to test out an idea we have for a website. If we had the thought to test interest on something not yet built I guess it makes perfect sense to use podcasts and internet radio to promote something you already have. I am going to bookmark this article for reference. Thank you for the info.

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    Excellent information William! I really got many takeaways from reading this blog post. I have some excellent information from my mentor on other ways of driving traffic to your blog and increase your online presense. Click on the link below for more info:

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    While I have considered some of the techniques described here to promote my websites, I have never come across that tweeting old posts is certainly a great idea that I have to try!

    On the other hand, those who use Yahoo Answers must be aware that participating in such website may help to build an authoritative aura around you, besides an expertise score that can be damaged when someone report your promotional efforts for no reason at all.

    While you maintain your answer relevant to the question, your add-on promotion does not hurt, but if the post is reported, Yahoo will send you a notice that you can appeal. So it is also necessary review periodically the email associated to Yahoo Answers to prevent that idle contributor try to demerit your answers and get your score reversed.

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    Me to Peter. I am starting a ridiculous facts blog which I am needing as much promotion as I can get.

    Facebook so far has been my primary focus. Regarding youtube, I would not even know where to begin on creating videos for my type of niche :/ :(

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    Thanks William. I have just read dozens of articles on ‘promoting your blog’ and yours has the freshest and most original ideas. I appreciate your work, thanks for the tips. It will hopefully help my blog about endurance training and racing in Thailand – – get more readers.

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    I really enjoy the “question and answers” website idea in regards to marketing. I’ve been posting on blogs and forums trying to boost my website, a bit. I don’t have too much content on there yet so I haven’t really went crazy with marketing yet, lol. These are really great ideas though and I’m going to keep this in mind. Btw, I posted this twice on accident because I put in the wrong email, sorry. :)

  • avatar

    I really enjoy the “question and answers” website idea in regards to marketing. I’ve been posting on blogs and forums trying to boost my website, a bit. I don’t have too much content on there yet so I haven’t really went crazy with marketing yet, lol. These are really great ideas though and I’m going to keep this in mind.

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    Thanks for these tips. I am new in this blogging world and trying to setup my blog. I hope these blog promotion tips will do wonders for my blog.

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    Thanks for share William,

    I would like to share another blog post(“How I increased my blog’s Search Traffic by 44% in under a month”). Read this blog. This is an excellent source of blog promotion ideas,


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