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Small Business Brand Exposure On Facebook

Social Media Marketing February 4th, 2013


Building a brand is one of the most important and difficult tasks for any small business. In many cases it takes years for your target market to recognize and choose your brand over competitors. On top of the time and difficulty associated with building a brand it is extremely expensive. For small businesses on a fixed marketing budget this task can almost seem insurmountable, but there is hope!

Facebook For Brand Awareness

There’re so many active users on Facebook that it’s hard to pass up. Using Facebook to gain brand recognition is a real possibility and can be done with careful planning and strategic action steps. In today’s marketplace using social media, like Facebook for example, is the most modern and cost-effective way to create brand awareness, at least with the online crowd.

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Start With the Fan Page

The first step is to set up your Facebook fan page. Once all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed you’ll be able to start using Facebook’s social media elements to gain followers. Once your fan page is set up you need to actively seek people who will be interested. Have you ever searched Facebook for a certain product or brand and ‘liked’ their page? My guess is probably not very often if at all.

Potential customers do not just happen to find what they’re interested in because they’re searching on Facebook for it, they find it because they are in the right place at the right time.

An American (Express) Story

American Express is a powerful enterprise which has lots of resources to spend on enhancing their brand awareness. They have been doing some things “right” on Facebook for the past two years and have become somewhat of a shining example of how to do social media. The American Express Facebook fan page, as well as their Twitter page, are a hub for deals and customer support.

Their goal is to have their customers use their credit cards more often. They do this by offering couponless deals through Facebook by simply linking up, partnering with other brands to promote mutual beneficial relationships, and being active and engaging in their social media relationships. Their Facebook fan page has literally exploded in the past three years.

Very Tough (Mudder)

Tough Mudder, in case you haven’t heard of it, is an organization which brings people together to participate in a grueling race with military style obstacles. A few years ago Tough Mudder was a small and highly localized company working hard to increase their brand awareness. After they partnered with Facebook and started displaying advertisements as well as ramping up there fan page things began to blow up. Their brand awareness started to spread by word of mouth about their insane obstacle courses popping up in different places around the world.

Facebook helped this process by providing the platform for viral pictures, videos, as well as interactive race maps pointing people in the right direction. First and foremost Tough Mudders business model is awesome, second of all they were able to create an active word-of-mouth campaign from their users which has given their brand an astronomical boost. One peek at their page and it’s hard not to like them, but it may be another thing to participate in a Tough Mudder.

What Will You Do?

If you’re still reading you probably have a brand you want to continue building. You probably know that Facebook is an essential part of any modern marketing campaign and you want to participate. You also probably know that owning and operating a Facebook fan page is not itself hard, but it is hard to do right. Take comfort in the fact that there is a formula out there to be successful with your Facebook brand awareness campaign.

It essentially boils down to how passionate you are about your brand and how you convey that through Facebook. If the message comes across loud and clear people will resonate with your brand, ‘Like’ your business, and will virally spread the word. In most cases the growth doesn’t take off like a rocket ship, think of it more are a single prop aircraft, but with a lot of perseverance you will the reach cruising altitude of brand recognition.

What ways to do build your brand on Facebook or other social networks?

Post By Rick Delgado (2 Posts)

Rick Delgado is a freelance writer who specializes in the latest social and technology trends, specifically social media. He is currently acting as a social media consultant toVivint. You can follow them on Twitter here.


Rick Delgado is a freelance writer who specializes in the latest social and technology trends, specifically social media. He is currently acting as a social media consultant toVivint. You can follow them on Twitter here.
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Small Business Brand Exposure On Facebook

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