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How to Get a Google+ Business Page

Social Media Marketing November 8th, 2011


A Starter’s Guide to Google+ Business Pages

A Starter’s Guide to Google+ Business Pages

Google+ Business Pages are here! So how do you get one? We’ve put together a list of what you’ll need to know to get started.

First you’ll need to log in to Google+. After you’ve signed in to Google simply click on your name found in the top left hand corner:

From here visit

Choose your category carefully. If you’re a local business or place, your Google+ page will be linked to your Google Places Account. From there you’ll be able to choose the correct listing, complete with a map and any other details you’ve entered.

How to Switch between your personal Google+ and Google+ Business Page

On the top left hand corner of your Google+ business page you’ll see a small dropdown arrow underneath the name of your page. From here you’ll be able to switch between your personal and Google+ business page.

How to Get Your Own Google+ Badge on Your Site

To get your own badge visit:

Be sure to have the number string of your Google+ page handy (find this in the URL), you’ll need to paste it in the corresponding field. You’ll even be able to customize text for your Google+ button. If you’re not a coder we do not suggest you implement this button, speak to someone who is qualified and has FTP access.

Take a look at our button:

What Else You’ll Need to Know

  • Searchers will be able to find brands by adding a “+” in front of a term, so to search for TechWyse, type in +TechWyse (or just click the link, we’d love to be in one of your circles). This is definitely a very cool feature of the business page and can be an excellent traffic source.
  • Profile pictures can be uploaded, but you can only display 200px x 200px. It’s best to upload a picture with those dimensions or you can use the feature-rich editor to crop and manipulate the image.
  • A vanity URL option is not currently available
  • We couldn’t find an option to have multiple admins either. We suggest using your company’s official Google+ account to create the page.

Customization Options So Far

  • Customized Profile Picture
  • The option to add 5 pictures above your stream (125px x 125px)

Examples of Google+ Business Pages We Like:

That’s it for now, but make sure to check back often; add our RSS feed, like us, follow us, add us to your Google+ circles!

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