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Google+ Replaces Google Places : How To Take Advantage Of Your Local Competitors

Social Media Marketing July 18th, 2012


Google+ Replaces Google Places : How To Take Advantage Of Your Local Competitors

Google has just announced the new Google+ local strategy. This replaces the Google places and has Google+ embedded in it! This is enough reason for excitement over the changes for your business in Google maps and Google+ and you should try it early if you are adventurous. It is imperative you upgrade early for your business to have a cutting edge over your local competitors.

Differences between Google+ local pages and Google+ business pages

The change by Google Places to Google+ Local Pages has created confusion for some business owners whose businesses already have a page on Google+. The two are quite different and this is the cause for this confusion.

The main difference is that Google+ Local Pages are the new face for Google Places. They have been scoring and maps integrated resulting to a directory listing for a business which helps its customers to easily find and evaluate the business. This change means that on searching Google for a business, the available link for the business’s Google+ page lead to its Google+ Local Page. The link is actually the one of what was originally known as Google Places.

It is currently not yet possible to merge your Google+ Local Page and the business page but this is expected to be possible soon. The two are essentially different products. It seems that Google wants to essentially as its Google+ brand on everything. It has pledged to enable this functionality soon so that one will only have to manage one listing; social features, basic information and everything across Google. Until the two are merged, you can only manage your Google Plus Local Page through the Google places platform.

Benefits of G+ new local pages for small business

The new changes have been effected for the advantage of your business by creating more social interaction. The overall aim is to help you gain advantage over your local competitors. These advantages are immense and they include the following:

The Google Plus Local Pages interface offers a local business the chance to actively interact with its customers. This is good news for any up and coming business. It is a cheap and easy way to pass information to the public. All the information about the business already on Google+ automatically changes to Google Plus Local pages saving you the hassle of creating a new account.

The new Google+ Local pages tab goes beyond the social features of the social network. It is dedicated to provide ratings and information on local businesses. All the data it will compile will be indexed by Google. The business will therefore stand a better opportunity to be ranked highly in search results. It will also harness important views from the customers which will help drive future business and internal Google plus recommendations.

Another benefit lies in the fact that the move by Google is in an attempt to gain on its competitor; Facebook. It will thus inevitably attract most of the users who have been reluctant to join social networks. Your business thus stands the chance to attract new customers who are new to social networking sites.

If you really want to take advantage of your local competitors, it is time you considered using the new Google+ local pages. In the same light, if you want to want your local business to get up to speed with social media marketing, Google Plus Local Pages is the new answer!

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Google+ Replaces Google Places : How To Take Advantage Of Your Local Competitors

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