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6 Easy Tips To Liven Up Your Blog Posts

Social Media Marketing September 20th, 2012


Everyone hears how a good blog can turn your life around; get you out of the corner office and working from home; gather you up a bunch of followers who will click on advertising links you post. Before you know it, your blog is an Internet sensation.  This and more could be yours—but only if you know how to keep your readers attention. Here are 6 blogging tips which will help you to write a catchy blog post.

Add memorable titles and subtitles

The title you choose is what catches the reader’s attention. It’s that simple. You have one sentence, essentially, to snag your reader and pull them into the bulk of the blog. The fastest way to spice up a dull blog is to create some eye-catching titles and subtitles. The two most potent items in your arsenal? Humor and sarcasm.  Make your readers smile or get them to do a double-take, either way, you’ll see your readership go up.

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Be descriptive

Powerful images are another way of revamping a tired blog. While some people get distracted by flowery and wordy descriptions, proper imagery is important to make your readers feel like they are a part of your story. Images aren’t limited to just words, either. A good blog has strong pictures placed throughout. The images should capture whatever emotion you’re trying to convey in the blog. If you write a blog about skincare, for example, you want calming, sensual images that create a sense of healing.

Add a personal touch

Many of the most successful blogs are the ones that are NOT about your daily life. Believe it or not, unless you’re a vigilante superhero, most people don’t enjoy hearing about why you’re better than everyone else.  So, for successful blogs about home improvement or other self-help things, a good way to get readers invested is to tell a little bit about yourself. This little tidbit of information about your personal life—maybe you tried to install your own drywall—will let readers know you’ve been in their shoes.

Aim for a reaction

Emotions are a powerful thing, and a good blog will encourage and incite people to comment—good or bad. This doesn’t mean you have to insult someone’s religious beliefs, but you can pose a controversial question and let the readers battle it out. Remember, picking a side on a debate is risky; you’ll lose just as many readers as you gain. If you’re writing on the softer side, appeal to people’s sympathies with a tragic but life-affirming story of love and loss.

Stop dragging it out

Language is important in a blog. Don’t say in ten sentences what you could say in one. Most people are reading your blog for a reason, and most of the time it is because they want some kind of information. Make sure your words are concise and accurate. Readers appreciate that kind of simplicity.

Include what others have said

If someone else has said something better than you—say it. Sharing the quotes of others is a fantastic way to show you’re not alone in your viewpoint. It is also a great way to give props to fellow writers in your blog circle. Nothing builds readership like sharing readers! Just make sure when you quote someone it is completely word-for-word and you have their express permission to use the information.

Post By Kurt Tewin (1 Posts)

This is a guest post by Kurt Tewin who is a WordPress addict. He recently launched WP Spells, a blog about WordPress tips and codes to make the most out of your WordPress blog.


This is a guest post by Kurt Tewin who is a Wordpress addict. He recently launched WP Spells, a blog about Wordpress tips and codes to make the most out of your Wordpress blog.
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6 Easy Tips To Liven Up Your Blog Posts

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