One Powerful Combination: Social Media Links And SEO

One Powerful Combination: Social Media Links And SEO

Over the past year more people have been talking about the changes that are happening with search engine optimization. Changes to the algorithms that Google uses are making the old strategies obsolete. Fortunately, new can be used in your SEO strategy right now. Social media links are having a larger impact on search engine rankings for websites using a social link strategy.

Not long ago that most SEO strategies revolved around building backlinks and keyword stuffing. While these strategies still have some relevance, social media links are currently one of the best ways drive traffic to your website. The search engines seem to give these social links preference in many cases, and that’s the reason that companies who have a strong social media presence with tons of links are getting better results in the search engine result pages.

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Now that more companies and SEO specialists are seeing this, they are trying to devise ways that they can improve the way that they use social media. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to take long to wrap one’s head around some of the best practices and tips that will give them the boost they need.

Create Relationships

While it might be nice to have a million or more followers on Twitter and countless fans on Facebook, all of that means very little if you do not have a real connection with the people. You will find that it is going to be far more likely that the people who are going to ‘Like’ your content or Tweet about your content are going to be those who have some sort of connection made with you. This does not mean that you have to set out to meet everyone and shake everyone’s virtual hand, but it does mean that you have to be present and willing to be social. They call them socialnetworking sites for a reason.

Quality Followers

Rather than trying to cultivate millions of followers who might not have much to do with what your company is offering, you should always attempt to find followers who are relevant and authoritative. How long have they had a profile? Do they share interests in the types of things that you are offering? Are they someone who is just collecting friends on the social networking sites? Ask these questions and more to make sure that you cultivate good followers that will make it easier to develop the aforementioned connection.

It Takes Time

Of course, as with anything that is worth doing, you aren’t going to find overnight success. It is going to take time. You have to consider the time it will take to get your profile up and running and to gather followers. It will also take time to build trust in those followers. Instead of looking for a quick cure, start incorporating social links with your other strategies and then watch for improvements over time. If you are utilizing them correctly, you will see a change.


No Spam

Advertising on occasion might be fine, but you never want to come across as a spammer or someone who is only posting information about their company. You have to make sure that you post good, usable content, and it does not all have to be about your company. Always make sure that you have quality posts. One good post is better than half a dozen posts that don’t offer anything of value.

Start adding social media links to your strategy today to see just how beneficial it really can be.

How do you use social media to assist your SEO efforts?

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    Interesting. New news to me that social media links has an impact on the SEO strategy.

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    you mean we have to wait for the result..!..
    How long it will be?

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    I really like this advice because it focuses on quality over the quantity of backlinks and keywords that SEO used to be about. Sure, it takes a little bit more thought to do it this way. But I agree that it’s also the right way to do it and the most effective in the end. It also helps that it builds a real content base that your visitors or customers will appreciate and so it helps everyone out more. Maybe this trend is a response to how integrated technology has become in our lives, but I feel like more and more companies are starting to see how valuable a real relationship with people can be.

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    Great post John.
    To anyone who hast tried using social media links for marketing, it’s really amazing the results you can get from it! Especially ones like twitter where you can build up thousands of followers that will all be notified when you post something, say, a link to your businesses website or something along those lines. Such a great way to build an audience.

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    Very interesting article. I think I have overlooked social media as a great traffic source. I’m always trying to get backlinks from blogs and forums but haven’t used social media. I’ll pay more attention to it from now on.

  • avatar

    You’ve hit all the nails on the head, John. I’d take nice relationships with 50 followers instead of no relationships with 100 any day! Once they feel like they know you, it’s more natural for them to promote via word-of-mouth to their friends. It’s like getting a reference for a job- if people see your work, they might say you’re skilled. If people know you and your work, they’ll say you’re skilled, reliable and a hardworker. You’re going to get more “jobs” with people that feel as if they know you than you’ll get with strangers.

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