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What Facebook Graph Search Means For SEO

Social Media Marketing January 30th, 2013


What Facebook Graph Search Means For SEO

The talk of the town these days in Internet Marketing is Facebook’s rollout of its new Graph Search. A very cool new innovative way to search the Facebook network leveraging your relationships and the information that is public about them.

What Facebook Graph Search Means For SEO

Facebook Graph Search has achieved the type of personal and social touch that Google has been striving to achieve for years. How has Facebook pulled it off? Frankly because a) they don’t give a dang about user privacy and b) they have the largest social network on the web. That’s how!

Instead of talking about Graph Search and its impact on Internet Marketing, I wanted to be more specific and talk about what it means for SEO. How does it impact SEO? How does it impact Google? Bing? Will it require more Social Media type work for those involved in SEO? Here are six specific things that I think will result in wake of this new technology.

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The SEO Must Get Even More Social

Link Building and on-page optimization efforts are still important. But you’ve gotta be fully engaged into Social Media. What social media outlets you choose are up to you. But moves like what Facebook just made clearly make it visible to the naked eye, that if you aren’t prepared to take your SEO completely social you might not survive for long.

More Social Media Efforts Must Be Made Specifically in Facebook

Specifically you’re going to have to put some major efforts in Facebook. Whether that’s your personal profile or your business page, the effort is going to have to be there. Posting, sharing, commenting and liking. Get in the conversations and more importantly, start creating conversations. One thing is for sure with this new Graph Search… you’ve got to start getting all of your content in there!

Watch Out For Bing In All This

Because of Bing’s tight connection with Facebook and even tighter integration, watch for Bing referral traffic to go up in your web analytics logs. Bing SEO is now going to be more important than ever.

This Will Force Google’s Hand

You know it, now that Facebook has made the move for a completely social search Google is going to have to follow with something. My prediction is nothing too drastic from a UI perspective. I think this means that Google will begin making search results even more social than they already are through those in your Google+ circles.

Content Is Now Even More Important

On-page optimization and link building can’t help you here. In the world of Facebook Graph Search it’s going to be all about content and its ability to be interesting, valuable and/or engaging in some way. As an SEO you’re going to have to focus even more on content marketing and become a true expert at it.

Facebook Ain’t Going Nowhere!

That’s right. Facebook ain’t going nowhere! Not anytime soon that is. And Google engineers better recognize there’s a “new sheriff in town” and his name is Zuckerberg!

Now I know what you’re thinking… how in the heck am I supposed to incorporate all of this into my already hectic SEO campaign? My advice to you is one step at a time. Steadily and slowly increase your efforts in Facebook, don’t just start going crazy right away. You need to see results from your efforts. Start testing some things. Test the type of content you post on your Facebook page. Test your headlines. Test your descriptions. Test your images. See what works and what doesn’t work, then of course just keep doing what’s working. Good luck!

Post By Nicole (1 Posts)

Nicole is a writer for Agency Platform. They are the World's most respected white label SEO company. Learn more about their SEO reseller program.


Nicole is a writer for Agency Platform. They are the World's most respected white label SEO company. Learn more about their SEO reseller program.
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What Facebook Graph Search Means For SEO

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