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Are you looking to give your business a boost online? 

It's always a good decision to stay updated on the things happening in the world of internet marketing.

Luckily, we have compiled the top five updates from this week of internet marketing to help you stay informed. Read on for more!

Twitter Continues Work on Its New Spaces Tab, Adds Editing Options for Scheduled Spaces

Twitter is adding new elements to boost its audio Space option, including a dedicated Space tab that will hopefully draw more users. This update comes just as clubhouse downloads are slowing down, and Twitter is trying to draw more users to its own voice chat features.

The Spaces tab has been in development over the past few months, and currently has a few different variants in testing. The goal of the Spaces function is to get like-minded people together to start discussions. This will be made easier by its Discovery feature, which utilizes matching algorithms to highlight the most interesting chats for each user.


Space will be a great opportunity for marketers and businesses to start conversations and potentially attract customers. The feature will also be a great opportunity to grow brand visiblity.

Facebook Opens Up Messenger API for Instagram, Providing New Customer Service Potential

This is a great update for many brands that use direct messages as part of their customer service strategy. So, what is it about? 

Facebook announced the expansion of its messenger API for Instagram, which will help businesses connect their Instagram DMs directly to their CRM platform, thereby streamlining management and response.

Facebook began beta testing the Messenger API for Instagram with a select group of businesses of various sizes and provided them with a number of tools to manage their customer communication on Instagram. After a successful beta test, Instagram is now rolling out the new API features globally to help businesses integrate Instagram messaging with their preferred workflows. 


Businesses can now streamline the management of their message workflows, and ensure that all the messages coming from multiple platforms will be available in one stream.

Google On How It Ranks News Sources

When it comes to elevating news sources, Googe always values transparency. But what does this mean in practice? 

Google assesses transparency to determine which publishers to prioritize across Google News and the Top Stories carousel in search results. This helps users learn more about the publisher of the information they are reading, and who exactly has written it.

Here are the things Google looks for on a publisher's site to determine its level of transparency:

  • Publishing date
  • Author bylines
  • Author bios
  • Contact information
  • Background information about the publisher, company, or network


If you are a business that provides news content about products or services which are related to those you offer, it's important to be mindful of how Google values transparency. If you want your news articles to appear on Google News or the Top Stories carousels, make sure to include the above information.

Facebook Ads: How to Navigate the iOS 14 Update

Although many users were happy with Apple's newest iOS update, advertisers around the globe were worried about the effects it would have on their ability to track users' activity across apps and webpages. So, what does the update actually include?

In essence, this update will give users a choice whether they want to allow social sites like Facebook to access their data, or if they want to opt out of being tracked. This is unfortunate for advertisers who reach their audiences through personalized ads, as those ads are usually targeted using data tracking. Without a doubt, this new policy will have an effect on many small businesses' advertising campaigns. 

To learn more about Apple’s iOS 14 update and its impact on Facebook advertising, check out the article linked above!

Instagram Archive Posts: Marketing Strategy

Are you planning on cleaning up your Instagram profile by deleting your old posts, and wonder what would happen to your profile if you archive the posts instead of deleting them?

This article points out the difference between deleting and archiving Instagram feed posts or Stories, what happens when you archive a post, and when to use either option.

For example, when you delete a post you lose a lot of important data about that post, and there is no way it can be retrieved. On the other hand, archiving an Instagram post will not only hide it from the public but will also retain its data.

To learn more about archiving your posts and cleaning up your Instagram profile, read the article linked above!

Wrapping Up!

Today we learned about some useful updates and news, starting with Twitter's new Spaces tab. We then heard about how Facebook is opening up its Messenger API for Instagram, which will give businesses the ability to develop their direct messaged-based customer service strategies even further. 

Next, we looked at how Google ranks news sources, and the ways Facebook ads will be affected by the iOS 14 update. Finally, we saw an article that distinguishes between the effects of permanently deleting and simply archiving Instagram posts.

Next week we will have more updates on the world of digital marketing! In the meantime, stay up to date with our available blogs on internet marketing.

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