This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 03 17

This Week in Internet Marketing 2015 03 17

Another Tuesday, this means that it's time for This Week in Internet Marketing! This week we're looking at how you can use competitive analysis to achieve a better B2B SEO and how you can optimize your SEO when you have more than one physical business location. We'll also take a look at whether your mobile PPC presence is friendly, some popular goal setting strategies to achieve you social media goals, and why social needs a human touch!

How Competitive Analysis Leads To A Better B2B SEO Program

Competitive Analysis

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One of the key elements to succeeding in your industry is by monitoring your competitors. Similarly, if you want to beat your competitors in SEO, you have to track your competitors' performance online. This includes their keyword performance, social media presence, and content marketing efforts. Check out this article to see how you can perform a competitive analysis to ensure that you're not missing out on any opportunities!

How To Optimize Local SEO When You Have Multiple Physical Locations

Optimize Local SEO for Multiple Physical Locations

When you're utilizing local SEO, you want to make sure that people in your service area are searching for the correct one. You want people in Toronto to be searching for your Toronto location and not your New York City one. When you have more than one location for your business, you have to optimize your local SEO correctly. Take a look at this article for a handful of tricks that can help make this easier!

How Friendly Is Your Mobile PPC Presence?

Mobile PPC Presence

As you know, Google's mobile-friendliness algorithm will become live on April 21, 2015. In addition to your website design, it's important not to neglect your SEO and PPC campaigns. When it comes to mobile, search space is limited and you want to have a strong PPC strategy that will increase your mobile presence. Check out this article to make sure that your mobile PPC presence is friendly too!

7 Popular Goal-Setting Strategies That Will Help You Achieve Great Things on Social Media

How To Set Goals

When you're trying to achieve great results for your social media, it's important to set goals. However, goal setting is a strategy itself. Did you know that people with a specific goal-setting strategy are able to achieve 76% of their goals? This means that your goal-setting strategy needs to be rational and achievable for your needs. This article will give you 7 popular strategies that you can try for your social media marketing.

SXSW: Hootsuite on Why Social Needs a Human Touch

Human Touch in Social Needs

Social media continues to be one of the most effective ways to connect, engage, and build relationships with your current customers and prospects. Yet, it can be time consuming to manage several social media accounts, which causes businesses to automate feeds. However, being personable and putting a face to your brand can bring positive results. Take a look at why your social media needs a human touch.

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It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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