This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 03 13

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 03 13

Are we really into the third month of 2012? All this internet marketing news sure makes time fly. Last week we saw Google encourage advertisers to use sitelinks; mixed opinions on social search; 12 things to avoid when writing a blog; Twitter brand page enhancements; and location extensions in Microsoft Adcenter.

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 03 13

Google Encourages Advertisers to Use Sitelinks

This Week in Internet Marketing 2012 03 13Sitelinks are the small links that appear below a search result. They provide an easy way to increase the performance of an AdWords campaign. Not every campaign is eligible for sitelinks; but if it is, a notification will now appear in the opportunities tab of the AdWords interface. From Google: “You'll also get a personalized estimate of the impact on clicks and cost if sitelinks were implemented, based on your last week’s campaign stats.”

Do Users Want Social/Personalized Search?

If you read our blogs you know we talk a lot about social search and how it affects rankings. The basic idea being: if I +1 a site and my friend searches for a related term, the site that I +1’d will likely rank higher when my friend performs a similar search. A recent survey suggested that 73% viewed this as an invasion of privacy and 65% of people viewed personalized search as “a bad thing because it may limit the information you get online.”

12 Common Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Blog Posts

12 Common Mistakes That Will HurtOverly clever headlines, never linking to older posts and never linking to other bloggers are just a few of the dozen pitfalls listed in this article. Blogs are probably the best way to add new content to your website. A steady flow of fresh content will cause Google to crawl your site more often and increases the chance that your site will rank higher. If you blog, have a read, you’re bound to find some useful tips.

New Enhancements to Twitter Brand Pages Due This Year

New Enhancements to Twitter Brand Pages Due This YearLast week it was all about Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages, now it’s Twitter’s turn to make get a makeover. Twitter brand pages are currently being rolled-out and are not widely available to all brands. New changes will include a “customizable header and the ability to keep a particular tweet at the top of a timeline and have it auto-expand if it was a photo or video.” Sound Familiar? Just a tad similar to Facebook Timeline.

Location Extensions Now Available in MicroSoft Adcenter

Location Extensions Now Available in MicroSoft AdcenterFor those of you who advertise with Microsoft Adcenter you’ll be please to learn that location extensions are now available for your ads. What are location extensions? They’re the ability to display your address and telephone number below your ad. This is great if you do local advertising as it helps users decide which ad to click based on proximity; even giving them a chance to call you without clicking your ad!

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