This Week: Google, Instagram, Facebook, And More!

This Week: Google, Instagram, Facebook, And More!

Happy Tuesday!

Today we are back with the freshest updates in this week of internet Marketing. Internet marketing will help your customers find you amidst all your competitors, and making use of recent developments in this field will keep your audience interested in your business.

Google Ads Unveils Enhancements to Lead Form Extensions

If you are interested in generating more leads, then Google is making it easier for you with its latest improvements in lead form extensions in Google Ads. They recently added two new features to lead form extensions, making it very convenient for advertisers to increase their efficiency and further manage and convert more potential clients. 

Now let's look at the modifications Google has made in these lead form extensions: 

  1. Marketers found it time-consuming to drive lead forms across campaign types. With the new enhancement, it will be effortless to share these lead forms across Search, YouTube, Discovery and Display ads, making it more manageable and time-saving. 
  2. Another challenge was the delay in getting these lead details to one's CRM system, especially if one had limited resources. Google recently partnered with Zapier, which will now directly link the generated leads to your CRM system, allowing your team enough time to focus on converting the leads. 

To get a deeper understanding of these updates, you can directly visit google support, where you will find the detailed steps to making use of these enhancements in Google Ads.

Instagram Launches New 'Shoppable' Christmas Catalog to Highlight its Evolving eCommerce Tools

Instagram has  good news for small businesses during this holiday season. For the first time, a shoppable Christmas catalogue is being introduced on Instagram to expand its e-commerce presence and help customers shop local. 

Instagram has collaborated with nine leading influencers from the UK to develop a shopping catalogue that will include Christmas gift products from an assorted range of businesses of food, fashion, beauty and homeware products.

The shopping catalogue intends to promote both influencers and small businesses in the following ways:

  1. The catalogue will serve as a guide, where the influencers will showcase their top product preferences from their favourite small businesses, giving these influencers the spotlight.
  2. All the products displayed will have a shop-now tag on them, directly leading the customer to the brand's Instagram page, supporting the marketer by getting their products sold in a few clicks. 

Facebook Organic and Paid Reach Strategy for Local Businesses

Having an influential Facebook page benefits marketers in growing their local business. But are you sure your existing strategies are getting you enough organic and paid traffic?

This article discusses ways your Facebook posts can reach a broad audience and convert more leads.  

  1. It starts with planning your Facebook content- like deciding how many and what kind of posts you want to publish in a month.
  2. Requiring investment in a budget for your posts during the initial testing phase and observe whether it supports your ROI.
  3. Keep testing your audience with different avatars, image types, and copy styles and see how they respond to these posts. Continue these steps until you get good ideas.
  4. It's essential to distinguish the posts that provide the maximum results, for which you can apply the lowest cost per objective to evaluate your posts.

Creating a meaningful relationship with your audience requires you to improve your organic and paid posts. The link above gives a thorough explanation on all this and more!

WhatsApp Adds 'Carts' to Further Facilitate Shopping Within Message Streams

WhatsApp is bringing in 'carts', which will make your shopping experience simpler. 

With more businesses getting their products and services sold on WhatsApp, this new update will counter the app's existing difficulties and help brands better coordinate sales.

Let’s see how this update helps businesses with their selling process:

  1. Local businesses selling multiple products get a catalogue to share with their audience on WhatsApp. 
  2. The customer can easily view the products and click on the add-to-cart option. 
  3. The products selected will be saved in the cart, and once done, the customer can send this cart to the seller in a single message. 
  4. Businesses will find it very easy to manage customer enquiries and tracking the requests to get their product sold.

WhatsApp has become an indispensable app among many potential customers. With more enhanced features being added to facilitate it as an e-commerce platform for customer and business interaction, engaging your business on this app promptly will help you make a profit.

Why Should I Pay Attention to Online Sales?

There are numerous benefits to having your business online, particularly as you can reach a broader audience compared to only having a brick and mortar store. 

For a business to succeed in this stiff competition in the online market, TechWyse can help you with techniques to increase your online sales.

If you’re looking for more ways to give you an edge over the competition, check out this infographic for some tips.

If you require help with your online marketing, the TechWyse team is here for you. 

Wrapping up:

Those were the latest updates that can support your local business flourish online. We saw Google making it easier for you with its latest improvements in lead form extensions helping businesses convert leads using Google Ads. Additionally, we saw tips on planning your Facebook posts to get a broader audience and excellent ROI.

We also learned about the new features from Instagram and WhatsApp, making shopping on these apps easier and stress-free. Lastly, we discussed some techniques to generate online sales for your business.

If you are looking for the recent developments happening in internet marketing and want to know ideas to help your business grow online, have a look at our latest blogs.


It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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