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This Week In Internet Marketing

It’s Tuesday again, and that means it’s time to be updated on the latest changes in the world of internet marketing.

Let's take a look!

Google's Page Experience Update: Is Your Site Ready?

Google's Page Experience Update: Is your site ready?

Google will update its ranking criteria with a new update called the "page experience ranking signal," which changes how websites rank in search results starting in May. This new update will also bring about a change in websites' performance and will improve overall user experience in the following ways:

  • The page speed experience ranking signal includes main elements such as Core Web vitals measuring the website speed, along with a good mobile-friendly score for the website, encrypting website data with HTTPS, eliminating harmful content and pop-up ads, and providing secure browsing.
  • Websites with good page experience will have a  better chance to rank higher, and for those websites that need to improve their page experience, issues will have to be fixed to lower the chances of a drop in rank.

What's Trending: Fine-Tune Your Content Strategy

What's trending: Fine-tune your content strategy

It's important to constantly check in on and tweak your content marketing strategy. This blog post from LinkedIn takes a look at some of the most important factors of a successful content marketing strategy.

First of all, it's vital to include both Beginners and Experts in your content strategy buyer personas. This means there will be no gaps in who is reached by your content. Making your content conversational, and keeping an eye on metrics are also useful ways to keep your content strategy up to date.

For more insight on keeping your content marketing strategy up to date, take a look at LinkedIn's blog!

Facebook Adds 'Holiday Mode' Option to Marketplace

Facebook Adds 'Holiday Mode' Option to Marketplace

A new Holiday Mode has been added to Facebook's Marketplace. This feature will prevent buyers from placing orders or starting conversations with sellers while it is activated.

Importantly, customers who have already placed orders when the seller turns on Holiday Mode will have their orders  listed as "delayed," not cancelled. This means that sellers can keep their listings active while they are away, without completely deleting any of the listings.

In addition, sellers can choose exactly how long they want Holiday Mode to be activated, and can remove it when they are ready. This opens up just another useful method of communication between buyers and sellers on Facebook Marketplace.

How Agencies Use Call Tracking to Become Indispensable to Clients

How agencies use call tracking to become indispensable to clients

Many agencies have adopted call tracking to maintain better client relationships.

Call tracking allows digital agencies to better understand where leads are coming from, and spend less time pulling and analyzing relevant data. This means they have more time for improving their own marketing functions and providing better services to their clients.

Agencies can also implement call tracking for their own marketing clients, and can offer it as a paid service. This means that clients can understand their own customer journeys better, and  therefore revolutionize their marketing strategies.

A Startup's Guide to Marketing in a Saturated Market 

A Startup’s Guide to Marketing in a Saturated Market

Promoting a startup comes with many challenges. At times it can be difficult to find the balance between promoting your services for new clients without alienating your current client base.

Some tips to do this successfully are:

  • building and maintaining your social media presence
  • using video to showcase your business
  • focusing on your solutions
  • becoming a customer-centric startup
  • and more!

To learn more, read the blog here.

Wrapping Up!

Today we learned more about Google’s page experience update and how it will help in search results ranking. We also learned some tips to improve and tweak a content marketing strategy, and about Facebook's new Holiday Mode for Marketplace. We took a look at how call tracking helps in maintaining a good relationship with clients and, lastly, summarized some of the points from a blog on marketing a startup in a saturated market.

We will see you next week! Until then, stay updated with our blogs on internet marketing.

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