This Week: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and More!

This Week: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and More!

Happy Tuesday!

We have compiled five of the most important updates from this week of internet marketing to help you stay updated. Read on to learn more!

Facebook Launches 4 New Ecommerce Features

Facebook has announced some new features to help retailers get their products discovered and drive sales.

From a survey, it was observed that almost 85% of people purchased fashion, beauty, electronics, or furniture they first saw on Facebook. Now there are new ways for customers to find and purchase products on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp, which also means more opportunities for retailers to sell.

The update includes:

  • Customer reviews on Instagram
  • Getting shops to more places
  • Ads for Shops
  • Expanded use of AR

To learn more about these updates, read the entire article linked above!

Twitter Adds 15 Second Views as a New Objective for Video Ad Campaigns

Twitter is looking to provide advertisers with more options to maximize their video ad campaigns with a new 15-second view bid unit that will prioritize reach to users who are more likely to utilize video content.

So, what happens when you choose the new 15-second ad objective for your campaign?

Twitter's algorithm will serve your video ads to users engaging in video content based on their noted preferences and behavioural trends within the app. According to Twitter, the new option delivered strong results during the testing phase.

To learn more about the feature, check out the article above!

Instagram Launches Live Test of Image and Video Uploads from the Desktop Version of the App

Instagram is launching a first live test of a capability that allows users to publish feed posts directly from the app's desktop version. A small group of users have access to the full suite of upload and posting options now.

The option does not accommodate stories or Reels upload at this stage, but additional tests have shown that IGTV uploads are currently in progress. This option will help a lot of social media advertisers to streamline their workflow.

To learn more about the feature, take a look at the article above.

YouTube Rolls Out New Tools & Resources for Small Biz Owners

YouTube is rolling out some new resources for business owners as part of Google's International Small Business week event. These resources include a step-by-step guide to growing a channel and a streamlined process for generating ads and are mainly targeted at small business owners.

YouTube reports say that most small business owners agree that publishing videos allows them to be visible to even more customers. In addition, it is also estimated that 82% of global digital consumer traffic will be video by 2022.

To learn more about these resources and tools, read the article linked above!

Social Media SEO: What You Need to Know to Grow Your Business

Social media has the potential to bring organic traffic to any website by enhancing SEO activities. Although SEO and social media are two different concepts altogether, they are related directly or indirectly to each other's growth.

It's possible to use social media SEO to grow your business by focusing on finding more quality links, building a strong audience of followers, increasing your brand searches, acknowledging your audience needs, and searching the local market.

To learn more, take a look at the article linked above!

Wrapping Up!

Today, we saw some important updates about internet marketing, starting with Facebook's launch of four new eCommerce features. After that, we saw that Twitter is adding 15-second views as a new objective for video ad campaigns.

Next, we looked at Instagram's live testing of image and video uploads directly from the app's desktop version. Then we learned that YouTube is rolling out new tools and resources for small business owners, and, finally, we saw an article that will help you boost your SEO using social media.

We will be back next week with more updates and news for businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in digital marketing. Meanwhile, check out our available blogs on internet marketing!

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